Penny has Dropped (in the pot)

This week we have been having another go at potty training, but it didn’t start off well.  I armed myself with loads of knickers, 1001 spray, mop, sticker chart, chocolate buttons and had a quick read of Gina Ford’s ‘Potty Training in One Week’.  To start, we gave her a chocolate button for sitting on the potty.  She’d sit on it for ages but……..nothing.  I tried rubbing her back, singing her songs, tickling, pulling funny faces, reading her stories.  I was just about to give up when…

I was upstairs getting ready on Friday (bear in mind we started on Mon) and she was playing in her room, with the potty nearby and without any prompting she plunked herself down on it and swish, which was followed by loads of praise and chocolate of course.  We had a couple of similar successes after that and then last night, this is probably too much information, but we were watching TV and she took herself off to the loo.  We didn’t realise what was going on until we heard her shouting ‘bye bye poo’.  Blimey she’d climbed onto the big loo and used it all on her own.

Then the penny dropped, what she needed was PRIVACY!  I think I’d turn into the Hoover Dam if someone was rubbing my back, singing stories to me, tickling etc while I was sitting on the pan!  Doh!

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20 thoughts on “Penny has Dropped (in the pot)”

  1. Aww bless her! Pumpkins the opposite where mummy is concerned and I HAVE to be there but if anyone else is in the flat he shuts the door lol! Bless them having principles so young!

  2. oh excellent! My girl was the same, wouldn't use her potty at all but as soon as we gave her a seat to go over the toilet and let her get on with it she was fine.

  3. I'm having huge problems training my toddler…he wants to wear pants but refuses to sit on the potty…or the toilet. Oh well!
    My other ones liked their privacy too.
    I hope your success continues! ;0)

  4. That is so funny, cute and adorable. It's brought back all the memories of when I used to do exactly the same thing with Amy!

    Well done to your little angel, a huge step for her to take. And possibly an easier life for you. Not to mention a cheaper one!!

    CJ xx

    1. I can't wait……but think it will be awhile before we can go out with confidence. We are still going out but take atleast 3 changes of clothes!!! :-)

  5. I am so glad you blogged this, I am shortly going to start potty training H and I remeber when we went through this stage with B she was the same, woudn't use the potty but took to it like a duck to water when we let her go to the proper loo and close the door. However I only remembered this when I read your blog so will be sure to keep it in mind this time round!!!

    1. We're still having lots of accidents but atleast it's a step in the right direction…Good luck! Any tips?

  6. Aww that is sooo cute. :) Well done!

    I think I would forget what I was meant to be doing if someone started rubbing my back on the loo. lol.

  7. Very funny. Mine is the same. Has just got the hang of it after being given a Peppa Pig loo seat cover thing. Now she wants to do it 'by her own Mummy'. I'm frequently told to go away and she just gets on with it.

  8. Seriously, just like that? I'm so damned jealous and impressed! Our boy potty trained before he was two but then about 6 months later decided that poo was not for toilets and he was not for nappies; cue rather a long, nasty period of time!!!

    1. We've still got a long way to go…but atleast there has been some improvement. This toilet training really does s*ck!

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