The Full Monty!

A couple of my friends have front row tickets to the Chippendales tonight, heaven help the dancers.  I personally can’t think of anything worse and for once I’m grateful that I wasn’t invited.  I’ve been to strippers twice in my life.  I’m far from a prude but didn’t enjoy it.  To be honest it made me feel awkward and embarrassed. The first may have something to do with the stripper being the younger brother of a classmate in high school!  Eeek!  That was all a bit too weird.

Men wiggling their stuff in gold lame posing pouches does nothing for me. Okay, I must admit I was impressed when he used his Todger as a towel rail but horrified when he used it as a drink stirrer!   The female audiences on the other hand were very entertaining.  I don’t know if it’s the drink coupled with a pack mentality but women turn into complete and utter animals and some of the things they do!


Women are far wilder than men.  I spent a lot of time in a seedy female strip club in University, before you get the wrong idea; my best friend’s partner was the bartender.  We only went for the cheap drinks and the billiards table.  The atmosphere, if you’ve never experienced it is drastically different, men sitting around having a pint, maybe reading the paper, a bit of lunch and really not paying that much attention to the girls except the odd glance.  You did get the odd drunken lout but for the most part the men are fairly well behaved.

So why are they so different?

Do strippers do it for you?

I’d love to hear any funny tales you have (not too x rated please as this is a family site)

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21 thoughts on “The Full Monty!”

  1. Personally no. I find it cheesy and often they dont look all that great. They make me feel uncomfortable and self concious so no … not at all! :)

  2. I think women are more embarrassed when watching a man strip in public. Even though it is classed by some as a good night out, once they are actually faced with a strange 6 pack strutting their stuff in a very suggestive fashion, a woman will automatically become a little prudish, part of her feeling uncomfortable while the other part joins in with the fun and laughter.

    Men, on the other hand, are better at concealing their embarrassment. They usually lead the acts of sexual behaviour and so they find it more natural to see a woman reveal her assets.

    Personally, I wouldn't step foot in a strip joint for love nor money. Nor would I go to see a "Full Monty" type performance. I am a prude. But that's just me.

    CJ xx

  3. When you've seen one strip show you've seen them all.I've lost count of how many I've been to but at each one I've been working, selling Ann Summers. I've even organised 2 strip nights as fundraisers. It's odd watching usually very quiet women turn into unruly, sex mad fiends.
    In all honesty I think the show is better when they don't do the full monty. It's not the most pleasant thing I've ever set eyes on. It's better to leave that part to the imagination!

  4. Being an Ann Summers rep you've probably seen it all! I agree, I'd prefer to leave a 'bit' to the imagination. :-)

  5. urgh no, i've seen one once and is was so excruciatingly embarrassing. Seriously, what is attractive about bad dancing and whipped cream? shudder.

    1. Whipping cream?? That reminds me about my husbands stag do…..will tell you all about it sometime. Didn't speak to him for 3 days!

  6. I would never go and see male strippers, it just doesn't do it for me. However I enjoy nights out to female strip clubs, the women are generally quite chatty and lovely and it's quieter than a pub or club, plus they have big comfy sofas!

  7. Am so with you, they do nothing for me either. Went to a show with some girls from work and regretted ordering a pint of lager when a film of baby oil was floating on top of it…. *Shudder*.

  8. I got dragged up on stage once by a stripper, on a boat floating on the river Trent. He was naked, got me down on all fours and put a union jack flag over my head. He then proceeded to flick baby lotion in my face with his man bits! I was horrified what a waste of make up that was. I vowed never again to go anywhere near another stripper ever again!

  9. No no no, I think I would laugh but out of embarrassment more than anything else. I think what it is, is men are very visual things, where as we are all emotion and so men like to look at naked bits (how else would the porn industry make so much money?) Whereas women need to be in the mood…

    1. Wonder if this has anything to to with men not being shy about their bodies….when we cover up and keep the lights out?

  10. We used to go to strip joints when we were young but they got too expensive. In the end we had to buy a blowtorch and do it ourselves. Mind you the doors still ended up looking lovely!

  11. Oh dear, where to start. Personally don't get the male stripper thing, can't be bothered, but thought I'd share the other side with you. I worked for a car manufacturer, sod it lets call it Renault, me and 19 guys – though my ego wants to point out that I was the only one mechanically qualified! I guess it was inevitable but one year we were in Covent Garden for Christmas drinks when someone suggested Browns – at the time that was a trendy nightclub that footballers went to, didn't know it doubled up as a strip joint in Whitechapel. Anyhoo, I was there and it was a real eye-opener, particularly when I went to the toilet which I found out doubled up as their changing room – well of course it would! Tits and arse everywhere! Before each dance a semi-clad (hate that phrase by the way) woman (loose term) walked around with a pint glass collecting money, as no dance would be performed unless enough money collected – absolutely pathetically they donated like eejits, for a bit of titilation! They couldn't even dance – don't start me- but I just admired the set up and thought about asking about a franchise! The next Christmas we were in Manchester, and, interestingly enough they talked about going to another strip joint – I declined – and you know what, 17 of those guys decided they ought to not go and look after me! They weren't interested either and we all got pissed in a hotel bar instead – I miss those guys – NOW!

  12. I'm afraid I've never seen it, and don't intend to.

    I've warned all my girl-friends that I'll kill them if they get a stripper for my hen night. I don't fancy it at all.


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