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When Trevor from www.hellobabydirect.co.uk first sent me the Potette to review I was a bit unsure as I thought we’d cracked potty training.  However, after our holiday to Bude and all the upheaval with elderly in-laws at the moment, we’ve gone a few steps backwards with potty training and have had quite a few accidents.

When Madame first spotted the colourful Potette she wanted to use it straight away and couldn’t wait for me to get it open.  It was fairly straight forward to put together.  Funnily though, after the first time she used it there was big puddle on the floor.  I thought there must’ve been a hole in the absorbent bag but I checked it and there wasn’t.  It only happened the once, so it wasn’t a problem and it wouldn’t be the first time she missed the toilet.

It has proved to be incredibly useful.  My husband often takes her cycling on the weekends and they end up in places without loos.  It fits nicely into his back pack and she’s not averse to weeing alfresco!

As a family, we’ve been known to frequent the odd pub or two! I know this comes as a great surprise to you ;-) In the past when it was hubby’s turn to take her, he often found the men’s loos were disgusting, to say the least, so it has come in very handy.

I wish I would’ve bought a Potette from ‘the get go’ instead of lugging the silly one around from Ikea.  I haven’t tried it on the big loo as we already had installed one, but it would have saved us a bit of money if we had just used the Potette.  A few of my friends have shown interest in it and even though they have boys and it’s pink and purple, they want to borrow it.

The only negatives I found about it are I’m a bit heavy handed and when I go to erect the legs I always end up pulling them right off and it would also be nice if it came with more than 3 absorbent liners.  But, all in all I would recommend it.

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