Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!

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I watched The Sex Education Show on Channel 4 on Tuesday night.  I watched the series last year and really enjoyed it and to be honest learned a thing or two.  I like how the kids can ask any questions related to sex and they get a no non-sense, open, and factual answer with the odd enlarged photo of genitalia thrown in.  At least, we’ll have a generation of men who know where the clitoris is!!

However, it dawned on me when watching it that they handle the biology of it really well, but missed a major issue.  I’m from the school of thought that kids are going to ‘do it’ anyway so we might as well arm them with as much information as we possibly can.  I don’t think I’d go as far as putting condom machines in Primary Schools and I’m not comfortable with girls accessing the morning after pill without parent/adult consent or knowledge.

I appreciate it’s a factual show but really wish they would’ve addressed the emotional aspects of sexual relationships with the teens.  One girl asked if it hurt the first time, fair question, but the response was all about relaxing and lubrication.  Not once did they mention waiting until you are ready and/or in a trusting relationship.  I know that this is the side of Sex Ed that should be addressed in the home but many of us know that this doesn’t always happen.  As an ex-teacher I know.  I think my sex talk with my mum consisted of her saying ‘don’t pick any Joe off the street!’, which did work surprisingly.

I hope that programmes like this are around when Madame gets to an age where we need to have the ‘talk’ but I’ll watch it with her.

So how did your parents teach you about the birds and the bees or how did you teach your kids???

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  1. I remember my mum getting a book out from the library that showed things in graphic detail – it certainly put me off for a LONG time. I think prior to that we had something that showed seeds and little chicks (she has even given that to us for our kids!).I am a great believer in answering questions honestly if children ask them – so far my two haven't really shown any sign of wanting to know, although I do have a friend whose little boy (5) is fascinated and asks all the time, and they have told him a watered-down version (obviously not too graphic!).

  2. Not a word passed my mothers lips until the 'talk' at school she simply asked if I had any questions … obviously I was mortified at the thought of talking to my mother about this so no questions!! ha ha.

  3. I can recommend a brilliant book for young children. It's by Babette Cole and called Mummy laid an egg. It's very funny but gives enough info to get the message across in a way they will understand.The way we handled it was, if they ask we answer. No need to elaborate but don't make things up about storks or gooseberry bushes. My husband told my two girls when they tried to jump on his knee after returning home from having the snip!

  4. When my oldest was 4 we were in the car when she asked where babies come from. I told her very basically and in a matter of fact way the truth and she accepted this. The other children at various ages have asked the same. I haven't named body parts specifically but told them in the simplest way possible. Lst night my son said he had been hit in the vagina by a ball. I told him that only girls have these and he asked what it was. I was caught on the hop and said it was part of where women grow babies. He also asked if he had a crevisis and I told him there was no such thing. When the sex ed programme came on I realised my son meant a clitoris and was very pleased he was in bed asleep! It turns out year 5 are doing sex ed and passing on misinformation to year 3. I can see a more indepth conversation coming on to correct the playground talk

  5. We had the usual crappy sex ed class at school which consisted of a very embarrassed biology teacher telling a group of hormonal teenagers to look at the pictures in the book, watch the video and NOT have sex. Well thanks sir, that was very informative. Then when I had my first "serious" boyfriend, I returned home after a date to find "The Joy of Sex" manual on my bed. My mum said she thought it would tell me all I needed to know before shuffling off back downstairs.I take the stance that we should be as close to the truth in possible when telling our children in an age appropriate manner and by giving body parts the real names rather than fluffy made up names which will probably end up making them look daft in the future!

  6. You know, I REALLY don't remember having "the talk" with my mother. When I was a teenager she knew I knew what sex was and because we are both jokers we would make sex jokes/ innuendo and laugh (of course my poor dad turning beet red behind the newspaper). I knew I could ask her about anything, but I just never really did.

  7. I got given a book. "Learning to live with sex" by the Family Planning Association. I do recall Dad asking if there was anything I'd read that I wanted to ask about it. There wasn't.

  8. My mum sat me down for “the chat” with my big brother hanging around. He kept telling her that I knew all this – disaster, I knew nothing, though of course had given the illusion to him that I did. I read “Where do Babies come from” avidly instead, which seems to have done the trick!

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