I’m a Freak! I’m scared of Birthday parties!

I’m not afraid of clowns or balloons but today I realised I have a fear of birthday parties (I’m a Fragapene)??? My daughter turns three in 3 weeks.  I have always been adamant that I’m not going to get swept up in the madness of having the perfect birthday party, spending hundreds, organising venues, hand-made fairy cake tiers, hiring paedophile clowns, inviting 60 zillion kids and the dreaded party bags.  I quietly promised myself that I would keep them small and intimate as long as I could get away with it.  Last year we took two of her 2 best friends to a theme park, Gulliver’s World in Milton Keynes, catered by Costco and we had a brilliant time.

However, this morning, I was talking to a good mate and we were trying to think of what I could do this year.  She reckons I could use the same model but choose another venue.  This is when it dawned on me.  It’s not the expense; it’s the whole idea of organising the perfect party that completely freaks me out.  Bottom line is I’m shit at organising parties.  My hubby’s 40th was a complete flop.  You could see the tumbleweed rolling by.  For my own 40th, in 18 months time, my only request is no party as I’d rather use the money to go away with good friends (@chickenruby I hope).  Don’t feel sorry for me but whenever I throw a party either no one shows up or I end up in a room full of people I don’t really like.

I’m not child friendly so the idea of organising party games etc….scares the hell out of me…Do bear in mind that I have skydived, bungee jumped and travelled the world solo.  I have faced packs of wild dogs and have been attacked more than once but the prospect of a birthday party scares me even more.  This is probably why I opted for a small wedding (16 people only friends and family).  It may surprise you but I hate being the centre of attention.

So, with all this, what do you think I should do?  I’m tempted to bugger off and take her to Disneyland Paris??  I think it will be money better spent.

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11 thoughts on “I’m a Freak! I’m scared of Birthday parties!”

  1. I'm having the same feelings, except i have 2 months to go. But the pressure's mounting already! Some friends just did little parties at their houses with a music man/entertainer for 1/2 hour to give it a focus. They did pass the parcel that worked pretty well for toddlers too. As long as there's cake and biscuits and some other kids to play with they don't care do they? The mums all have a chat and that's that for another year. I can't bring myself to spend loads of money on a 3 year old who will have forgotten in in a few weeks! (yes I know I'm incredibly scroogelike, tight, bad mother..).

  2. I wont be doing a third birthday party (I don’t think). Disneyland sounds great- but do cheaper- dont take her to soft play until then and on the day take her and buy food there. I’m so mean…

  3. I know where you are coming from. I am looking forward to my sons 7th so I can do something small. I find they are expensive, not always appreciated and they are over in hours. For me and my chidlren I think an experience is much nicer

  4. promise I didn't plan this but both my kids were born at Christmas which handily means everyone is too distracted to focus on birthdays. We have got away with organising just one cheap and cheerful bash for a handful of good friends it's such a busy time of year anyway. Probably the only advantage of Xmas birthdays!

  5. Well, this post couldn’t be more timely for me. nnI have just, today, booked the venue for my 40th. And it’s only 4 weeks away! I put it off and off and off, because I’ve just come to realise that I’m overwhelmed by the whole organisation of parties and events! I hated organising that stuff when I used to work as a secretary, and I don’t like doing the kids parties either. Except – the invitations. I could spend HOURS designing them and making them look pretty. Yeah, great. nnI have 3 boys, and the 3yo has yet to have a ‘party’. The 8yo has had 2 ‘real’ parties (apart from a joint party with all his 3yo buddies at mother’s group that we held at my place), so has the 6yo. For all the other b’days, we just invite a couple of their friends home after school for cake, or have a little ‘semi-party’ with another couple and their kids that are close to our kids. nnGo small. When the almost 3yo is bigger, it will be more appreciated then and you can go nuts!

  6. I'm always in favour of the tea party, pass the parcel and a story in the garden for half a dozen friends.nCan I help with some simple, nice party bags?n

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