Toddler Tech: Recommended sites for toddlers

I’ve attempted to make this page toddler friendly.  Ideally toddlers should be sitting in your lap.
Warning:  You will never have a moments peace on the PC ever again!

P.S. For the Jackson Pollock one…to change colour hit the left mouse button and to clear the screen hit the space bar.

This is a work in progress.  Let me know of any others in the comments section and Madame will give them a test drive and then I’ll add them!

Fisher Price Cbeebies
Animatch Knee Bouncers
Pollock Poisson


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2 thoughts on “Toddler Tech: Recommended sites for toddlers”

  1. Oh no, I cant go to these… as Red Ted would NEVER EVER leave the computer alone… ;-)


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