Builders from Hell!

My neighbours are having an extension…I fully appreciate why, as we live in small houses and they have a grown family of 4 (bloody 30 year olds should move out) and it’s cheaper to extend than move. However, it has been a complete nightmare. They continually block my drive, the noise is unbearable, naptime is no longer and I can’t make work calls from the house, we’ve had to call the fire department due to unattended bonfires, we’ve had the planning officers out, environmental health as well….the list goes on and on.

Do bear in mind they have moved out throughout the entire process, so are oblivious to our hell, and it has been going on since April/May. We objected to the first set of plans but they were refused, unfortunately while we were on holiday they snuck through another set of plans which were approved…and there is nothing we can do.

Have a look! I’m sure you will see why I’m so upset! It beggars belief that the council thinks this will have ‘no adverse affect on the neighbours’.

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27 thoughts on “Builders from Hell!”

  1. :-( you poor thing and you have managed to keep stumm ALL summer?!?!?! NOT Been your year!

  2. OMG! You poor, poor things. The stuff nightmares are made of . I’ll comment to the Planning dept for you xx

  3. OMG, you top trump us! We nearly moved down your road, now that seems a lucky escape. I’ll have a word with those I know in planning and see if there is anything that can be done. I thought there were restrictions on the amount of extension you could build…. Shocking!

  4. That is huge! I presume it's just single storey?

    I presume you've gone through the complaints procedure at the Council and then move onto the Local Govt Ombudsman. Even if it won't get the permission revoked they may consider giving you some compensation and make the Council do a LOT of work and learn from their mistake.

  5. The following has been posted, you are not alone. Everyone please send and email to register your disbelief:

    To whom it may concern,

    I have attached the following link:

    Please, take a moment to view this. It directly affects your department.

    Having viewed this video I am left pondering the procedural processes that allowed planning permission, sought and refused in the first instance to be granted during a second application hearing? One wonders how the application process has changed to allow a quick positive decision in the second hearing, thus enabling a considerable extension to be granted. I find it deeply suspect that the neighbours in question were away during the time the second application was sought and approved.

    I will ensure that the appropriate governing bodies are informed of this ill conceived grant of permission.

    Yours sincerely,

    Craig Mold.

  6. Unbelievable. My father and brothers are builders and would never leave a site in such a state! Shocked that the council planning officers think it's fine to swallow up the whole garden for an extension which is clearly going to encroach on your natural light to your garden. Add to this the extra noise from more people living next door, their visitors and vehicles coming and going daily.

    Will give some thought to this and see if I can help in any way.

  7. Holy shit Chrissy, you weren't kidding, now I think you were under exaggerating!!! Time to move my love, or this will eat you up. x

  8. Flippin heck. I thought the conservatory our old neighbours built was silly (it took over half their small garden) but that takes the biscuit and will also be hard for them to sell as it just doesn't work in terms of a home. Poor you!

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