Batting my eyelashes!

I’m definitely not a girlie girl.  I barely wear any make-up, have been known to go a few days without washing my hair and when I get the opportunity to go out I’d opt for a backstreet pub in a pair of jeans and boots.

However, I’ve always fancied having my eye-lashes done.  I don’t know why, as mine are apparently quite nice.  But, when I go to get my nails done, which is a rare occasion, I’m always mesmerized by the therapist’s  eyelashes.

So, when Juliet from Beautylase contacted me because they needed a model as they were accrediting some new glue/technique they use for the eyelashes I jumped at the chance.  I didn’t have a full set but a scattering, not a smattering as I called it, which according to Juliet is what children do with paint!  It only took about 45 minutes, completely pain-free, relaxing in fact and I love them.  I can jump straight out of bed, put some lip gloss on and head out the door as they require no mascara.  No more trying to scrub off yesterday’s mascara before applying more.

The only downside is I wish I had a full set as they would last for 4-6 weeks and as I only had a partial set mine will only last for about 10 days, which would be great for special events like Christmas and New Years.  However, when they start to look wonky Juliet has offered to take off the last few remaining stragglers.

I will definitely be having them done again in the future, maybe for my 40th in a few weeks time.  Thanks to Juliet and the team at Beautylase, St. Albans.



Builders from Hell!

My neighbours are having an extension…I fully appreciate why, as we live in small houses and they have a grown family of 4 (bloody 30 year olds should move out) and it’s cheaper to extend than move. However, it has been a complete nightmare. They continually block my drive, the noise is unbearable, naptime is no longer and I can’t make work calls from the house, we’ve had to call the fire department due to unattended bonfires, we’ve had the planning officers out, environmental health as well….the list goes on and on.

Do bear in mind they have moved out throughout the entire process, so are oblivious to our hell, and it has been going on since April/May. We objected to the first set of plans but they were refused, unfortunately while we were on holiday they snuck through another set of plans which were approved…and there is nothing we can do.

Have a look! I’m sure you will see why I’m so upset! It beggars belief that the council thinks this will have ‘no adverse affect on the neighbours’.

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