Child-friendly Radio Stations

19 September 2014 0 comments

Radio for Kids I was on the hunt for a children’s radio station to have on in the background while my daughter was playing.  I don’t want to shelter her from the rest of the world but find some of the current news is a bit graphic for a 7 year old and many topics […]

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How to build a simple den with kids

22 August 2014 0 comments

How to Make a Den You know when you see something so simple and genius and have to share……. As a child I spent hours building Dens which we call Forts in Canada We went to Lollibop UK last weekend at Hatfield House in Herts, a lot of it was targeted at younger children but […]

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Best places for Women and Children’s Haircuts in St Albans, Herts

28 May 2014 1 comment

Top 5 Hair Salons in St Albans I’ve lived in St Albans, Herts for 15 years now and have tried quite a few hairdressers.  For the most part, they have all been good and I have no horror stories to report but there are a few that stand out in my mind. I typically have […]

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Clever Lunchbox for Kids

7 May 2014 1 comment

What a clever design for a kid’s lunch box! ‘We absolutely love M’s new lunchbox!’ – dinner ladies I was sent this Flatbox-Lunchbox from The Nicest Stuff a few weeks ago and I think it’s absolutely brilliantly clever!  As you can see, it opens out flat so you can use it as a mini picnic […]

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My First Ballet: Coppélia #review

11 April 2014 0 comments

Things to do in London with Kids during Easter  Apparently it doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 65 years old, men in bulging tights are hilarious! I took my mother who is visiting from Canada and daughter to see Coppélia by the English National Ballet on Monday night at the Peacock Theatre  in London and […]

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Persil’s ‘Cook with the Kids’ Workshop and Food Fight!

17 March 2014 3 comments

Persil Cook with Kids Promise I ,along with 88% of parents surveyed by the LMRMC, avoid baking with my daughter as it makes a mess.  I find myself stressing out as flour is flicked out of the bowl, eggs shells follow the egg in the bowl and vegetable oil being vicariously poured into the measuring […]

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Visiting The British Museum with Kids

16 March 2014 0 comments

British Museum with Kids My daughter’s topic at school at the moment is ‘Digging up things from the past’ which includes art.  So we thought it was the perfect opportunity to pop down to the British Museum to see the Eldorado Exhibit, to show her we are interested in her learning and support what she’s […]

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Travelling to Iceland with Kids

31 January 2014 3 comments

Is Iceland Child-Friendly? ‘Mummy can I go with you so we can throw snow at each other?’  Madame Age 6 In December, I had the opportunity to go to Iceland for a few days, I’d been once before about 14 years ago and my  husband coincidentally was there for work back in October, now I’m […]

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How to teach your kids how to sew….

3 January 2014 2 comments

Call in the experts My 6 year old daughter has really taken to sewing.  This is definitely not something that she got from me.  I can sew a button on, took home economics in high-school but would be more likely to throw something out before I mended it.  The last time I tried to wind […]

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Scooters for Children

12 December 2013 2 comments

Y Fliker A1 Extreme Scooter Seriously, how cool are these self-propelling scooters from Yvolutions?  They come in two sizes 5+ and 7-adult and in a choice of colours starting from £69.99. It was incredibly easy to put together, simply unfold the scooter and assemble the handlebars, be careful not to pinch your fingers.  I don’t […]

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