I love building dens!

I used to love building dens as a kid.  According to my mum we used to spend hours doing it.  My sister and I would use every sheet in the house and any piece of furniture we could move.

After dinner tonight we set about building a den with Madame, using EZ Fort.  It was brilliant fun.  The only thing I would suggest is never build a fort with someone who has an engineering degree or you will get comments like this….

‘Doesn’t have a positive enough fixing’

‘If you want to build a box structure to make it stronger you always need diagonals, you know crane jibs…’

‘You need multi-angle points on the joints or you can’t put them in at right angles…’

For goodness sake, we’re just building a Fort not the Eiffel Tower!

For the most part the construction kit was great, easy to assemble and we could construct it indoors, which is a must here in the UK.  However, if I was going to purchase one for myself I’d probably opt for the Toobeez Life Size Building Set, the next model up, as it looks sturdier.  We found once we constructed it and draped a few blankets over it, it collapsed.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have a light weight sheet big enough.

All in all, it was great fun.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret….this isn’t the first time I’ve built a den since my childhood.  Look what I built in a 5 star hotel a few years ago!  Weirdly room service didn’t bat an eye!  I’m just a big kid.

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4 thoughts on “I love building dens!”

  1. Funnily enough, POcket Dictator demanded a ‘tent’ yesterday, which was when I realised we had the wrong sort of airer/clothes horse for the job (what I used building dens growing up.) I may yet take a leaf out of your book and upend all the furniture. Just need room service to come to the house and tidy it all away ;-)

  2. We’re big den builders too. And my husband has exactly the same attitude of examining the engineering structure. Drives me nuts. But his dens are better than mine so he might have a point….

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