I had to laugh…we received a selection of toys from WOW to try out and no word of a lie the first thing that came out of Madame’s mouth when we opened them was WOW!

We received Danny’s Diving Adventure, Robin’s Medical Adventure and Pippa’s Princess Carriage.  She absolutely loves them all.  She’s just starting the stage of imaginative and role play.  I have to say it’s one of my favourite stages so far.  I love eavesdropping on the conversations between her and her toys, really makes me smile.  I really need to catch some of it on Audioboo.

The toys are durable (I dropped one on the slate floor) and don’t require batteries.  Apparently, the ambulance uses some type of friction technology to make the Nee-naw sound.  It’s so much less annoying than a battery operated one and can’t be accidentally left on.  Keep an eye out for some of the Magical Features.

The only negative I found was the packaging, every parent’s nightmare.  This isn’t specific to WOW toys but most toys in general.  It took her dad, a builder, me and a pair of needle nose pliers to free them from the cardboard.

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