Not Pukka but Cheeky!

The bloody cheek!  Would you return it?

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Author: mediocremum

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5 thoughts on “Not Pukka but Cheeky!”

  1. This really doesnt surprise me one little bit, dont you see me moaning about them nearly EVERY week on twitter? Lol Our local Sainsburys are especially utterly shit. They wont do anything if you take it back, its not worth the effort. Although if you do get a response I’d like to know why they lied when they said they had refunded something onto my card… grrr!

  2. I can’t be doing with Jamie Oliver!! Ever since he got school dinners changed I always want to slap him. He’s probably a lovely guy really!!

    And yes, I think I’d return it, too. That is a disgrace. What a complete rip off.

    CJ xx

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