Raising an only-child

I’ve dated two only-children in my lifetime.  One was the stereotypical only child, spoiled, lack of social skills and an introvert; however, I married the other one.  Nonetheless, I distinctly remember the first saying that he absolutely hated receiving games for 2 or more players as an only child.  My daughter is an only child and I can’t see this changing anytime soon.  So, why have I purchased 3 new games for Madame that requires 2-4 players!  Don’t worry we do play them with her but hopefully it doesn’t highlight the fact that she doesn’t have any siblings.

If you’re an only child or have only children is there anything else I should avoid or do?  She’s very independent and appears to be content.

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6 thoughts on “Raising an only-child”

  1. So difficult to avoid such games… but fear not, she will have friends to play with and then it won’t matter. I can recommend the game ‘Camelot’ for 1 player. It’s excellent! x

  2. I was an only child and now the boy is an only child – and destined to remain so thanks to the big C – anyway I digress. Altho he’s an only child you wouldnt think it the amount of friends that troop through the house at weekends and after school. She will be fine, she’ll be as confident and independent as most other only children are. You’ll end up with adoptive brothers and sisters for her via school etc.

    Oh and I HATE playing board games with the boy! I keep putting off playing monopoly with him – husband says this is because we’re both only children and ultra competitive…dont know what he means!

  3. I’m an only child, and I used to play games like Monopoly with my stuffed toys. Of course I had to play their moves for them, but the good news was that I always won!

    I should say that now I’m grown up I am an extremely bad loser – this could be why!!

    I played a lot of single player card games as well, Madame may be a little young for that still…

  4. My daughter is an only child so I would highly recommend a Nintendo DS for solo games! We play afew games together – we have the same problem as you – so my advice would be to buy games you know you’ll be able to play without going a bit mad. Or a jigsaw!

  5. It sounds like you’re doing fine. I’m an only and my daughter is an only, and neither of us play board games on a board :) You can get Monopoly and other games now on Wii/DS/iPhone and you play against the computer – which does save on arguments!. My daughter is more into Crafts – sticking, drawing, making things out of fabric. Now she’s older as she can do them on her own and doesn’t need anyone to do them with. When she was little she was very into plasticine and painting and doing jigsaws.

    The only thing I’d really advise is that as an ‘Only’ you don’t learn to argue particularly well. You tend to think that if someone argues with you, then they instantly hate you which generally isn’t the case. It’s something that takes a while to learn and not to be over sensitive about.

  6. I am an only child and would love more comments. I would just like to state that being an only child DOES NOT necessarily make you happier. Anyone who has that opinion quite clearly either was never an only child themselves, or, if they were, grew up in a neighbourhood when kids were allowed to roam freely on their own, had a park nearby or had many friends nearby. I have none of these things, and I can tell you, sometimes, it is hell; especially when you near puberty and need someone your own age to talk to. Please leave more comments-I never have too many things to do.

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