Stairway to Hell!

I’m fairly confident we’re not the only family that does this; whilst tidying up downstairs we use the stairs as a dumping ground for everything in hope that someone will pick it up next time they’re passing and put them away. Who am I kidding?

In reality, we all walk by it without a sideways glance on an average of 10 times a day.  The only time it gets taken upstairs is when I’m running around like a loon on Wednesday mornings, tidying before the cleaner arrives and 9 times out of 10 it then just gets deposited on our bed. Yes, I do this every week and I know it’s ridiculous.  I wouldn’t want her to think we are pigs!

However, a couple of days ago, I was walking down the stairs carrying Madame and didn’t spot the underlying danger.  I slipped on one of the items and fell down the last 5 stairs.  Luckily, I landed on my ass so no one was hurt.  Once the initial shock passed we did have a right good giggle.

Can you spot the culprit?  It looks sweet and innocent but is a death trap in disguise!

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18 thoughts on “Stairway to Hell!”

  1. We do this as well, which unfortunately means the stairs normally end up as permanent storage for all kinds of things as nobody seems to bother (myself included) to pick things up on the way by! I to have accidentally thrown myself down the stairs after tripping over something or other, and usually when carrying something heavy and/or expensive.

  2. That looks just like our house! lol I often shout down the stairs first if I’m carrying something and can’t see, to ask someone to check (when I remember!) lol

  3. Uuuh, those marble things, my son seems to love leaving those lying around ready to cause the demise of his Mum! I was one of 6 children and my Dad used to put things on the stairs when he was tidying up, one stair for each child. He’d let it remain there for 12 hrs then if we hadn’t taken it to our room it went in the bin!! Seemed to work, maybe I’m too soft with my children.

  4. We manage to keep the stairs fairly clean, however, we have a little landing bit up the first couple of stairs where the stairs turn ninety degrees, and that gets piled with all sorts of things that never get taken upstairs!

  5. We do this too. My son’s DS and MP3 player has been sitting on the stairs since first week of Jan. I refuse to take it upstairs. I think we’re at stalemate. It’s got so bad that the three of us have a different stair. I’m the only one that takes stuff upstairs tho so no idea why I bother trying to change the boys in the house!

  6. We do exactly the same. Only thing is that it doesn’t take us until Wedesday to spread tennis rackets, clothes etc. on every single stair. But I guess that’s not a good thing, is it?

  7. I live in a flat so I have a hall way full of toys scattered there by the 2 yo instead.Was the naked Barbie the culprit?

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