Fishy Feet!

I really fancied having one of those Garra Rufa Fish Pedicures.  You know the ones where you put your feet in a bowl with a hundred fish and they nibble on the dead skin.  I imagined, after the initial shock and gag reflex it would be very relaxing.

However, I did a bit of reading and apparently there are health issues, it’s been banned in 14 states, due to worries about spreading infection.  For the time, being I’ve put it on hold but I was wondering what you think.

Would you do it?

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7 thoughts on “Fishy Feet!”

  1. Just think of all those fungal infections and crusty dirty stinky toes you’d be after, or even at the same time.. no thanks!

  2. I had it done at Singapore night Zoo, it was really quite an adventure (plus it was 15 minutes where hubby had to look after the child)

  3. It’s funny because every time I see one of those I think eeewww, I wouldn’t want 1) to put my feet in the same water that someone else has and 2) can the nibbling pass any infections from person to person.
    But…no I wouldn’t anyway. ;0)

  4. There is a local salon near me & I’ve been thinking about going. Every 15mins the tanks are filtered with new water. You are not allowed to use them if you have any type of fungal/foot infection.

    I’ve peered in to the tanks and they look pretty clean…I just don’t like idea of them nibbling on my feet lol.

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