The Hidden Killer: Flapjacks

School BansYou have got to be fricking kidding me!  A school in Essex has banned triangular shaped flapjacks due to sharp edges!  A child had to go home after being hit with one.  Apparently, the rectangular ones are still safe. WTF?  Surely four corners are far more dangerous than three?

I have to admit I’ve tried making them before and they were hard as rock and couldn’t get them out of the pan, but I hardly think they can be classed as dangerous?

What are they going to ban next? I can think about a dozen things that have sharper edges than a flapjack or that would hurt more if hit by one.  I imagine getting hit by an apple thrown by a member of the Cricket Team would hurt a lot!

OMG and cutlery!   Can you imagine the damage someone could do with a teaspoon?  *note the sarcasm*

I work in education and over the years have seen health and safety getting more and more bonkers.  Can’t these people who put these rules in place see how ridiculous they’re being?  I’ve seen everything from Conkers, Lip Balm, Plasters, Boys Ties and British Bull dog banned.

I would love to know what happened to the kid that threw it?

Have you seen any other ridiculous examples of Health and Safety gone mad?



Would you eat your own placenta?

I personally wouldn’t and the mere thought of it makes me gag. Earlier in the week I was watching ‘How to be a good mother’ hosted by Sharon Horgan. Sharon, like many of us, was questioning her own parenting skills and went to visit 6 mothers who have very different approaches to parenting.

Introducing the mums
There was a young mother 27 who had 6 children, all home births and are all home schooled. Another who believes in extended breastfeeding, no nappies, co-sleeping, frowns upon all modern inventions including prams and is a wet-nurse. One is a busy working mum who is incredibly organised thanks to technology. She has a nanny who is required to send photos to mum daily, has 1000 of apps on her phone, schedules a video conference with her son every day and has the most amazing communication platform (chalk board) in the kitchen.

The one I could associate with the most was the ex-stuntwoman, wicked step mother and dress couture. She never wanted children of her own, inherited some step children, but then found herself pregnant. She strongly believes that children shouldn’t be wrapped in cotton wool and that helicopter parents aren’t doing their children any favours, which I completely agree with. However, I do think she takes a few unnecessary risks as she doesn’t believe in bike helmets for children. Eeek!

Penchant for placenta
But the one that I can’t get out of my head is the one that has a penchant for placenta. When her own child was born and the midwife wasn’t looking, she sneaked a piece and wolfed it down. Bleuch! She’s turned her love of placentas into her own home business. People send her their placentas and she cooks them up and not wasting a thing. She makes heart shaped window charms out of the umbilical chord, drying them to preserve them. She also visits new mothers in their homes and by request blends up the placenta with fruit to make a smoothie. Apparently it tastes quite nice.

I appreciate that umbilical stem cell research can help in the treatment of things like Parkinsons, Diabetes, Burns and Arthritis but I’m fairly sure the patients don’t ingest them.

So, the question is, would you eat your own placenta? Do you believe there are health benefits or is this woman crackers?

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Fishy Feet!

I really fancied having one of those Garra Rufa Fish Pedicures.  You know the ones where you put your feet in a bowl with a hundred fish and they nibble on the dead skin.  I imagined, after the initial shock and gag reflex it would be very relaxing.

However, I did a bit of reading and apparently there are health issues, it’s been banned in 14 states, due to worries about spreading infection.  For the time, being I’ve put it on hold but I was wondering what you think.

Would you do it?

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