How ‘not to’ give a relaxing massage

We recently, went on a short break to Bluestone in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  It was similar to a Centre Parcs but much cheaper.  We’ve never been to a Centre Parcs and really didn’t see ourselves as that kind of holiday maker, so we weren’t sure what to expect, we tend to do things a bit more intrepid and independent.

Before we went, I received loads of advice on what we should do to make the most of it.  So, I booked a golf cart to get us around, booked Madame into a Mini Rangers class, purchased her a pass for the adventure centre, researched the local beaches and bullied my husband into booking me one of those Spa Breaks as a belated Mother’s Day gift.

I was really looking forward to my massage, all 75 minutes of it!  My appointment was at 10, I even shower and shaved (my legs) before I went.  Hubby dropped me off 5 minutes before my appointment, in our golf buggy, I was met by my therapist, and she led me to my treatment room, which was typical with the dimmed lightening, candles, scents, low music and of course, no clock.

She left the room so I could get changed which took all of 30 seconds, turned my phone off and positioned myself on the table with my face in the hole ready for the drooling to begin.  Am I the only one that does this?  I do like a massage but I’m ridiculously ticklish, I nearly leap off the table when they go anywhere near my knees or thighs.  However, after a few minutes when I managed to relax, after stern internal dialogue, it was heavenly.  I totally lost track of time.

Before I knew it I heard the dreaded words ‘that’s the end of your treatment, take your time getting dressed and I’ll meet you outside’.   I did as I was told, she walked me out, I’m not sure if she was lurking for a tip.  Once I said my goodbyes and thank-you’s, I popped outside and me being me, I switched on my phone.  This was when I discovered what time it was, as there wasn’t a clock in the treatment room.  It was only 10.55!!!!

I don’t think I need to do the Maths for you.  It was supposed to be 75 minutes and started at 10 am.  I do appreciate that they calculate dressing time, but it doesn’t take me 20 minutes to get in and out of my jeans!  Grrr!  All the good work was undone and I was left feeling irritated not calm!

What do you think?  Has this happened to you?  Should I be annoyed?

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4 thoughts on “How ‘not to’ give a relaxing massage”

  1. It is outrageous!
    Until a year ago I was a massage therapist and this is one of main thing people complain about. Being send out without the change of relaxing after the massage and count to much time for changing.
    And so they should! If you book a 75 minute massage it it including changing and a glass of water at the end. At least that is how it should be. So that leaves one hour of massaging.You use about 10 minutes to ask the client what they want and palpation of the body for spots and so. The last 5-10 minutes you let the client rest and slowly finish the massage. All the time in between is for serious massaging business:-)

  2. I paid for a 75 minute selection of treatments. Once there, on time for my 12 noon appointment I asked if I could fit in an eyebrow wax too (largely because I’d been asked if that was what I was booked for!). The very inexperienced therapist took aaaaaages getting the waxing equipment set up, and spent the longest amout of time I’ve ever experienced doing the deed, then rattled her way through the mini-facial, hand treatment, back massage etc that I’d booked.

    I got dressed back to the reception…… 1.10pm. Their reasoning was that they booked appointments back to back so they only had 75 minutes for me….. I suggested perhaps they should have mentioned that and would the manager like to phone me?

    4 weeks later, the manager has not phoned me, but then I’ve not been charged for the eyebrow waxing…….

  3. Came via The Displaced Londoner who had her own sad spa experience. That’s just a rip off! Reminds me of the time the therapist “left me to rest” for 20 minutes during my 1 hour treatment…Sigh.

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