Toddlers Seek and Find App – Review

Available from I-tunes for .59p

I hate writing bad reviews, but I was sent the Toddlers Seek and Find App by Wonderkind to try out.  I have to say I wasn’t that impressed.  It really doesn’t do that much.  There are 3 areas to explore:  My Farm, My Forest and My Zoo.  Children just click on the animals in the picture and the animal will then do something.  For example, a deer eats the vegetables in the garden, the elephant sprays water and in the case of the pig it farts in the sheep’s face.  However, I must admit my daughter thought this was hysterical.  I think the worst thing as you will see by the image is that they spelled Toddler wrong???

So overall here is what we thought:

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2 thoughts on “Toddlers Seek and Find App – Review”

  1. They released an update with ‘toddler’ spelled right now and an option to replace the pig.

    However my kids and me love this app!!

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