Mumsnet the Rules

I really need to get over my irrational fear of the NCT and Mumsnet.  I’m probably just not clever enough to get the humour.  However, I did find this highly amusing last night.

I was pointed in the direction of their newest book, which is available for a tenner.

The Golden Rules:

1. You don’t have to bake with your children.
2. Don’t fret about milestones.
3. Don’t buy a guinea pig for your child.
4. Ignore unsolicited parenting advice from old biddies on buses.
5. Don’t give up work for your children (unless you want to!).
6. Cut their hair off.
7. Let them eat cake.
8. Boycott World Book Day.
9. Don’t hit your kids.
10. Put away your mobile, turn off your laptop and don’t even think about a BlackBerry or an iPhone.

For the most part a lot of the rules are solid: except possibly 1, 6 and 8.  But, what really made me laugh was number 10.  Not because of what it says but because what was being advertised right below it????

Hmmm…an app?  Fairly sure you need an iphone for that…

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7 thoughts on “Mumsnet the Rules”

  1. Yes and you need a laptop to be on Mumsnet – don’t spose you’ve ever heard of irony ;)

  2. I’m of the view that every new mother should be given a smartphone – how else are you going to stay in touch with people and avoid going nuts? It has made my life a whole heap better and I couldn’t and would’t live without it

    And some of the others… hmmm yeah right

    1. You are more than welcome to send me a copy and I will give it a fair review. I also found it interesting that Mumsnet paid bloggers $50 (US) to review the book and didn’t actually provide them with a copy just an editorial of the video?? This surmounts to paying for links…tsk tsk…

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