I want my Yellow Tweetdeck back!

My computer kept freezing and I finally worked out that it was Tweetdeck that was causing this.  I’ve had it happen before and usually sorted it with an uninstall and a reinstall of the newest version of Tweetdeck along with Adobe Air, which can be very flaky.

The Problem

However, I receive a very nasty shock when I did so.  The people of Twitter have been messing about with it and I really didn’t like the new ‘Blue’ version.  It took me ages to work out how to turn of the sound notifications and I couldn’t turn off the real-time updates.  I follow nearly 2000 people so you can see it was a bit of a problem, my timeline was making me motion sick and it sounded like a techno rave!

I’m a heavy user of Tweetdeck, with over 100,000 tweets and I manage several accounts.  I’ve tried others like Seismic and Hootsuite.  I use Hootsuite on my phone and Ipad but I really don’t get on with it on my desktop, as it’s missing a couple of my favourite features, like auto-complete of names, new followers column and the ability to filter tweets.

Thanks to @tipyourhat, @chickenprincess and @secretstef I managed to resurrect the old yellow version of Tweetdeck.

Here is what I did:

1) Via the control panel I uninstalled both Tweetdeck and Adobe Air.

2) This is the important bit.  Then I ran a registry cleaner to remove any redundant files that may have been left behind.  The first time I tried to reinstall I didn’t do this and the problem with crashing resumed.  I use the free version of CCleaner.

3) Then I reinstalled Adobe Air as you need it to run Tweetdeck.

4) Then using the link at the bottom of this post, Old Tweetdeck please come back, I reinstalled the older version of Tweetdeck.

Thanks everyone!  Normal tweeting has resumed!





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21 thoughts on “I want my Yellow Tweetdeck back!”

  1. Just want to say again how much we appreciate you. Many friends here say thank you.. What a mess with ‘Blue Twitter’

  2. Followed your excellent instructions when the PC version went ‘blue’ looks like their trying the same caper on my Mac version now, will this work I wonder? will try now I’ve refound this blog post.


  3. May I know if there’s any way to fix the problem in the old Tweetdeck version?
    I can’t see my DP anymore ;A;
    Thanks a lot for this post btw. I don’t like the blue bird version at all even though I can see my DP there ;A;

  4. Thank you! I only have one problem left. Maybe you can help me. Tweets in foreign languages, like Korean, won’t be shown… Why? What can I do?

      1. Found a solution!
        Try hitting the “Translate this update”-Button under the field where you are writing your tweets! Set the language to “Korean” (or any other you need). After that my Korean tweets (recieved and written) were shown again! But one problem is still there. There is this option for translating foreign tweets from others in another language… Doesn’t work. Why?

  5. thank you so much for posting and sharing this……i just got a new computer and the blue tweetdeck wouldnt work at all.

  6. I’ve done all the steps and it works fine on my home computer but at work I get “Problem clearing facebook session” when trying to add my fb account – has anyone else seen this or knows how to fix it please???

  7. OH, I want the old version back – but my old computer died so I think I’m stuck. But, please share – HOW did you turn off the notifications????? The sub – sonar sound is driving me nuts!

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