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I’m absolutely loving this iPad App ‘Scribble Press’ and the best thing of all it’s FREE! Scribble Pad allows children to write, illustrate and share their own stories. They can use a story template as a starting point (e.g. If I were a Fairy, All about my Dad, If I ruled the World or The Craziest Day) or they can make their own from scratch.

There is a huge bank of drawing tools; everything from markers, to stamps and to stickers. All of which are very easy to use. My daughter is only 4. The Ipad’s camera is also integrated so your child can transport themselves into the story.

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to share their work, but there’s also a public gallery, which is great for checking out other children’s stories and giving your child inspiration for their own masterpiece. My favourite is ‘The Loin King’ and that isn’t a typo.

I also read somewhere that it may be possible to get your children’s work printed but I haven’t investigated closely.

The possibilities are endless.

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