Love Rocks!

Whenever I need inspiration for crafting, I always turn to my mate Maggie from and once again she has come through trumps or should I say hearts!

These Love Rocks caught my eye as they are so simple and required very little in terms of materials.  I think they’re going to make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. However, posting to Canada or South Africa is not an option.

You will need

  • PVA glue (we watered ours down a bit)
  • Rocks
  • A selection of fabric
  • Scissors


  1. Dig some rocks out from under the frozen earth, wash in a colander and leave dry.
  2. Get your neighbour around who is brilliant with anything crafty and blag her to bring fabric, glue and scissors.
  3. Sit back and watch her do her magic.
  4. All joking aside the 4-year olds enjoyed it for as long as their short attention spans allowed.  But, Eva and I could be found carrying on long after they left the room.  However, she made me cut out my own hearts!

Happy Valentine’s Day!





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5 thoughts on “Love Rocks!”

  1. or you could ‘lose’ your scissors until your dopey neighbour has done all the cutting out ….. very crafty indeed! ;-)

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