Driving with undue care and attention…

As an IT consultant I’ve done a lot of driving over the last 12 years and I suffer from a bit of road rage from time to time.  Sadly, the majority of bad manoeuvres I see are from woman;  I can see them having full on conversations with their kids in the review mirror, turning around to pick up a screaming toddlers sippy cup, loading up a DVD but more often than not I see them texting!

I know this is factually inaccurate as it’s been proven that statistically women are better drivers, queue the theme tune to Sheilas’ Wheels.  However, my experiences are probably due to the fact that my job involves driving to and from schools and normally at the peak of the ‘school run’ when the 4×4 brigade are out in full force.

Anyhow, you can be ‘done’ for talking on your mobile, applying lipstick, eating an apple, lighting a fag and talking to and looking at passengers.  So, how the h*ll are these legal?

If your baby is in the backseat in a backward facing car seat they’re most likely asleep or looking at the world going by out the window.  What do you need to be continually checking for?  It’s not like they’re going anywhere.

If you’re worried about them choking, don’t give them anything to eat whilst in the car seat.  Are you’re worried about them being sick?   If they’re in an upright position won’t the law of gravity mean it’ll just go down their front?  Wouldn’t you hear them choking?  There isn’t a lot you can do whilst driving, looking in the mirror isn’t going to make a lot of difference only increasing your chances of having an accident.

Do you have one?  What do you think?  Do your kids distract you when you’re driving?  Have you ever text with your kids in the car?

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