I’m tired of tidying up her room!

My 4 year old daughter is really into dressing up at the moment.

So, I bought her a basket to store all her costumes in.

However, every time she wanted something this is what happened.

So in the end, I had one of these made.  What do you think?

I originally came across it on Ana White’s Homemaker blog via Pinterest, with all of the instructions and dimensions.  So, if you or someone you know is handy with tools you could knock one up easily with a bit of MDF.  However, I am not, so I had a local carpenter make it for me.  It was very reasonable, I had it in a day and he gave me a discount as I offered to paint it myself.  He is interested in doing more.

Ours is a bit girlie, but you could have an under the sea theme, pirates or whatever strikes your fancy.

We gave it a coat of MDF primer and then two coats of satin.  I found the letters (£1.50 each) and mirrors (.99p) at Hobbycraft.  I hung the mirrors with those No Nails strips.  Fingers crossed they don’t fall off.

If you’re local to St Albans and would like one, drop him an email at christophe.laget@hotmail.fr. Do tell him I sent you!

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5 thoughts on “I’m tired of tidying up her room!”

  1. We have something along similar lines after I got sick of the dressing up clothes taking over the place. Only trouble is that the dresses with the hoops in take up heaps of space so it still looks messy even when hung up

  2. Oh god this is gorgeous – and such a good idea! I wish I’d of had something like this when my girl was younger – i understand your pain when it comes to tidying up the costumes 5 times a day! x

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