How to skin chicken….

Going to let  you in on a little secret, I find it very difficult to skin chicken.  I learned a little trick thanks to the interweb!  It usually works a bit better but I blame the cheap serviettes.

Can you spot any mistakes I made???  Need to study my chicken anatomy.

Author: mediocremum

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6 thoughts on “How to skin chicken….”

  1. I was told by a nutritionist years ago that he skin acted like blotting paper and soaked up the fat during cooking and therefore it was healthier to remove the skin after cooking…..although it is difficult to resist a nibble this way :o) Love you blog btw .

  2. But you lose soooo much of the taste. Cook it with skin on. Eat it all. If you’re worried about fat, eat it less often, but don’t ruin the taste.

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