Slow Cooking

Slow Cooker Leek and Potato Soup

27 October 2013 0 comments

Hearty Slow Cooker and Leek and Potato Soup with Crispy Bacon Bits Apparently we have a rather large storm on the way, which is going to be comparable to the one in the 1987.  However, I wasn’t in the UK in the 80s so I missed it but I have read ‘Rumours of a Hurricane’ […]

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Introducing My New Slow Cooker Blog

10 March 2013 0 comments

I finally decided to take the plunge and start a new blog just for my slow cooker recipes. I was very conscious that I may be confusing my readers. Those who subscribed just for recipes may not be interested in my parenting antics and those who were coming to laugh at my parenting ability (or […]

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Slow Cooker Sunday – Chinese Food (Beef and Greens)

3 March 2013 14 comments

Since we’ve started using our Slow Cooker regularly we find that we are having way less Take Aways than we used to. Back in the day, by the time I got home from work, collected my daughter from childcare, bathed her and got her into bed.  It was getting late and I couldn’t be bothered […]

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Slow Cooker Paprika Chicken

27 February 2013 1 comment

I was originally inspired by the Hairy Dieters (Bikers) Chicken Paprika Recipe.  I didn’t buy the book because I’m on a diet, even though I should be, but because I was at a friend’s recently and she made the Lamb Tagine and it was amazing.  I had a quick look through the book and saw […]

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Slow Cooker Sunday: Creamy Chicken Pasta

24 February 2013 5 comments

Yes, you can cook Pasta in a slow cooker! I must admit that this isn’t the normal type of thing I cook.  However, it is school holidays, our daughter eats at the childminders for the majority of the week, so I was conscious of making child friendly meals.  We’ve had Sausage and Mash, Macaroni and […]

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Slow Cooker Sunday: Sausage and Puy Lentil Stew

17 February 2013 10 comments

  Slow Cooker Sunday: Sausage and Puy Lentil Stew Recipe Type: Pork Cuisine: Slow Cooker Author: Mediocre Mum Prep time: 15 mins Cook time: 6 hours Total time: 6 hours 15 mins Serves: 4 This recipe originally came from Sara Lewis, but she called for Venison Sausages and Cranberries.  I only had pork sausages and […]

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Slow Cooker Sunday: Black-eyed Bean Soup with Peppers and Coconut Milk

10 February 2013 9 comments

  Slow Cooker Sunday: Black-eyed Bean Soup with Peppers and Coconut Milk Recipe Type: Main Cuisine: Slow Cooker Author: Mediocre Mum Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 4 hours Total time: 4 hours 10 mins Serves: 4 Weirdly, when I first came across this recipe I was attracted to the coconut milk, but when I […]

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Slow Cooker Sunday: Oxtail Soup

3 February 2013 5 comments

You should have seen my face!  I ‘was’ a vegetarian for nearly 20 years.  I now enjoy a good steak and don’t mind handling meat.  However, a South African friend shared a Slow Cooker Oxtail recipe and she even pointed me in the direction of a local South African butcher. My husband loves Oxtail soup […]

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Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs

31 January 2013 5 comments

Here is an incredibly easy Slow Cooker Recipe for Chicken thighs, that takes all of 5 minutes to prepare and your kids will love it!  Well it does have Tomato Sauce in it.  Apparently, it counts for one of the 5 a day???? Click here for more slow cooker recipe inspiration.

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Slow Cooker Sunday: Mince and Macaroni Soup

20 January 2013 9 comments

Bit of a laugh yesterday, the team from Netmums sent around a film crew.  They’re starting a parenting channel on youtube and would like to highlight food for all the family.  They asked if I could knock up a few Slow Cooker recipes that kids would eat.  In the end, I did Honey Garlic Chicken […]

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