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I love Autumn!  Not because it’s my daughter’s birthday, our Anniversary and then my Birthday but because the weather starts to cool down and I can bring out my Big Jumpers, Leggings, Scarves and Boots.

There’s nothing more comfortable in my opinion!  Plus, it hides the lumps and bumps also know as muffin tops!

Disclosure:  Thanks to Zalando for my lovely new jumper and scarf!  I’ve worn it three days in a row now.


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179 thoughts on “Win a £50 Voucher from Zalando UK”

  1. Autumn :) It’s my birthday in October, it’s getting colder but it’s not freezing cold yet, the leaves are changing colour and it’s getting darker earlier, so you can cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket and a hot chocolate – or wine ;)


  2. My fave season was always summer when I was a kid, but now I’m older I love the winter. Snuggling indoors, jumpers and boots, Halloween, Christmas, stews and roasts – need I say more?

  3. I think spring is best – after a long cold winter everything starts to grow as the sun comes out…

  4. I like Spring the best. The plants in my greenhouse are just starting to grow and there is the lovely Summer to look forward too.

  5. I love the Autumn as I too love digging out my Uggs, cosy jumpers, long jersey skirts and snuggly hats and scarves!!!!

  6. My Favourite season is Winter. Cold Chilly mornings, hot water bottles, Snuggles and cuddles with our children. I love the snow too! So (when) It snow’s i love going out and making snow men and having snowball fights! Also, What can beat a nice hot chocolate on a winters evening! Winter also reminds me of Christmas! xxx

  7. I love Autumn the most! I love the snuggly jumpers, walking through piles of crisp colourful Autumn leaves- yellow, red and golden brown, collecting shiny brown conkers and coming home to hot soup and warmed rolls. :)

  8. Autumn too – my birthday, and I love that a great coat and funky boots can cover a multitude of sins!

  9. I love Autumn, snuggled up with hot chocolate on the sofa. Blackberry picking, orange, yellow and red leaves, misty mornings with the smell of bonfire smoke. Mine and my daughter’s birthdays and Half term hols!

  10. It used to be Winter but since losing 4 stone I am noticing the cold daily!
    My hands ache they are that cold – so I am not looking forward to winter (only my Lanzarote holiday in December)
    So I would have to say it is Summer.

    1. Congrats on your weight loss…..I know just how you feel, I too have had a good weight loss (6st 3lb todate) and I feel the cold too.

  11. I love summer, the light nights and a drink after work in the garden, life just seems better when the sun is shining x

  12. I really love winter, I love dark cosy nights, being able to wrap up warm in gorgeous wooly jumpers and its also christmas yippee !

  13. When i think about it i don’t have a favourite, i think summer is my least favourite, but i love the colours of autumn, snow in winter (when it happens) and the new life of spring with fresh plants and animals.

  14. I love Spring & Summer equally – the air is fresh and clean, and you can see the world changing around you. And I love going for walks looking at the wildlife and plantlife along our canals at both times of the year.

  15. Summer, its so brief but I love to be free from layers and layers of clothing and feeling the sun on my skin. I love wrapping up on crisp autumn days and have enjoyed being out in the garden listening to the birds and sweeping leaves today, but I’m already fed up with being cold in the house and its only just begun!!!

  16. Spring, I love it when the new things are starting to grow and the days are getting longer.

  17. Spring is my Favourite, I love the fact it is getting warmer but can still wear a cardigan to hide the lumps and bumps of the winter stored fat, i need it to keep me warm in winter ;-) I also love the smell as everyone starts cutting their grass.

  18. I love autumn, its all about wrapping up warm and running around in fallen leaves (like a small child!)

  19. I love spring. Every day there is something new and fresh in the garden, and I feel so much more energetic

  20. I love Autumn – collecting conkers, jumping in leaves, Halloween and bonfire night, snuggly nights in, bowls of custard and cups of hot chocolate and looking forward to Christmas x

  21. I love the fall, as I like the colder weather, the fashion, wearing thick tights to hide hairy legs and the feeling of saving for Christmas soon :)

  22. I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and love the Spring and summer. I love when the clocks change and we have longer days and more sunlight. Spring brings rebirth of plants and trees. Looking at blossoms on trees gives me hope for the year.

  23. I love all seasons, especially at the change of seasons. However, if I had to pick a favourite, it would also be Autumn – starting to be able to snuggle down, the colours on the leaves, the smell of woodsmoke, the various festivities and the preparation of homemade goodies for Christmas.

  24. summer – it’s my birthday, it’s lighter and warmer and i love maxi dresses for hiding lumps and bumps :)

  25. My favorite is summer because it reminds me of home (originally from Greece, been in Wales 7 years now)

  26. Spring because the evenings start to get lighter, it starts to warm up and makes me feel more cheerful!

  27. WINTER – love turnin the central heating on n snuggling up with crisps n chocolate with the mistaken belief I’m putting on winter weight just 2 keep warm LOL xx

  28. I love Autumn too – summer’s too hot, winter’s too cold and spring is too rainy :) @pipersky1

  29. sat dwelling on this question for about 5 mins now and still have no answer, all I can say is that my least favourite is spring, I love summer for obvious reasons, sunshine, holidays, barbecues, long days, autumn for halloween, bonfire night and fireworks, and winter for snow, christmas and new years. Too tough to choose one

  30. When I was little it was winter because I hate insects but now I’m getting on about it’s summer definitely.

  31. I love autumn – the leaves turn stunning orange and gold, the nights a cold and you need to cuddle up, put on extra layers and I can light my punkpin flavoured candles!

  32. Summer! I suffer Seasonal Depression and I need the light I cannot stand it being dark and gloomy it brings me down and makes me hibernate.

  33. I love winter, hibernation, christmas and snuggles on the sofa in PJs watching the snow out of the window!

  34. I love summer – warm days, washing drying in the sunshine, everyone more cheerful because of the sun!

  35. I love spring time when the evenings are getting brighter and you know summer is on the way :-)

  36. my favourite season is autumn, as its my birthday, my kids love kicking about in the leaves and i love making warming one pot meals to tuck into after a lovley autumn walk

  37. I love autumn – fireworks, bonfires, hot chocolate, stew and dumplings, curling up by the fire with a good book and mulled cider….. LOVE it!

  38. Summer is my favourite time of year. I was born in July and I love the warm, sunny weather, not that we’ve had much this year boohoo!

  39. My favourite season is summer… but winter is close second because I love snuggling up in jumpers! x

  40. Mine is winter as it’s my Birthday and Xmas, also I love the cold mornings and the first flakes of snow!

  41. oh it has to be summer, cant think of anything worse than being cold so im not too keen on winter lol

  42. I have to say this was very hard i love all seasons spring for its bright colours, summer lots of fun in the sunshine, autumn- love Halloween bonfire night and family walks in the woods, but the one i get most excited about is winter love the build up to christmas, christmas lights, carols, seeing Santa, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that i don’t have to work christmas day this year as i work in a hospital.

  43. I love the Spring, as finally the Winter has ended and the temperature is warming, the flowers are starting show, and I love the lambs!

  44. winter – I love the cold crisp sunny mornings and the fact there aren’t many spiders about!

  45. Autumn, without a doubt. The trees look beautiful, you can start having cosy Saturday afternoons at home, hearyy meals and Christmas is just around the corner!

  46. I’m a summer bunny, I’m far more energised when the sun is shining! I hate winter and despise feeling cold

  47. Spring as I was born on the first day of Spring, it’s the season of Daffodils and all the plants and flowers wake up, baby animals are born and it’s like the world has just woken up again after it’s hibernation. It’s new, fresh and warm :)

  48. Spring – after the winter’s apples, pears, oranges and root veg there’s the promise of all the scrummy fresh food spring and summer provide

  49. Summer..wearing skirt and dresses with sandles. So much nicer than being all muffled up on the dog walks.

  50. I love all the seasons and I like that we have this cycle of weather, although I would have preferred a warmer sunnier summer this year.

  51. I love Spring the most as it’s no longer cold, but also not too warm and everything is starting to grow and get brighter.

  52. Autumn – for the comfy forgiving clothing you described, plus the smell of frost in the air :)

  53. Before I had children it was always Summer. Now I’ve totally changed and love Winter, purely because of the snuggly nights in and the build up to Christmas!

  54. I love the Winter, it is great to be able to wrap up warm with scarf and wellies and take the children out in to the woods up the hillside and sledge down the hill. Great excuse to get the children excited for christmas and prepare for getting snowed in and not having to get the car out but stay at home !! Fab !!!

  55. I love autumn because it’s not too cold yet but you still get to wrap up in coats, hats, scarf and wear boots!

  56. Has to be winter – I love walks through the woods all cosy in layers, hats and scarfs!

  57. My favourite season is Spring..the lambs, daffodils, blossom, and the promise of summer around the corner. It is like the anticipation of good things to come…of course there is also my birthday in spring too which helps!!

  58. i like spring. i dont do well in the heat and i dont like it too cold either! spring is perfect even if it is a bit wet!

  59. Spring time is my new favorite season it used to be summer until I started a very early menopause & I get far too hot in the summer sun.

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