Win a years supply of cleaning products from Ecoforce worth £50

I find it fascinating what they can make with recycled products.  Did you know they can make Fleece Jackets out of Plastic Bottles?  I actually Googled how they do it.

I was sent a load of cleaning supplies to review from Ecoforce, which are all made from recyclable materials, some of you will see the humour in this as I don’t clean.  I have a cleaner.  However, I did think it may be a step too far to ask her to review them for me whilst I sit, play on the computer and drink wine.

However, the lovely people at Ecoforce have offered a chance to win a year’s supply of green cleaning goodies worth £50 to one of my readers.

The prize bundle will comprise:

  • EcoForce Peg Basket  x 1
  • EcoForce Clothes Line x 1
  • Several of each of EcoForce sponges, scourers, dusters and cloths
  • EcoForce Bag Grips
  • EcoForce Pegs
  • Dishmatic
  •  Dishmatic refills
  • Dishmatic Steel Scourer

To enter, simply complete the Rafflecopter Form below

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125 thoughts on “Win a years supply of cleaning products from Ecoforce worth £50”

  1. tyres into flower pots for the garden. kids old clothes can be used as peg bags or rags for dusting

  2. Hair …if you have long hair cut you can donate it to cancer charities and they recycle it and make it into wigs x

  3. tetra packs ( orange juice ETC ) these waxed packets are recyclable now as things have improved

  4. I recycle loads of things at the school where I work, newpapers for covering tables for art work, plastic bottles make amazing storage containers for pencils and old cards can be used as pretty tags. String, plastic bags etc all find their way into the classroom for one thing or another. I don’t really need a home recycle box :)

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