6 thoughts on “Great helmet! Unfortunate name……”

  1. That’s a great photo and an unfortunate brand name! After your experience it’s good to see your daughter wearing a bicycle helmet. She will learn from young and hopefully it will become the norm for her and she will still wear one in her adulthood.

    I want to take an opportunity to have a moan though, as I do lol ;-)

    Why do parents insist on their children wearing bicycle helmets but not wear them themselves? Is the message they send their children ‘when you grow up you can be like me/us, you no longer have to wear one’? I see this so many times when I’m out and about walking and I just don’t understand it. While a helmet doesn’t necessarily save someones life, in many cases it must give them a good chance in an accident?

    Moan over lol

    1. This is one of my pet peeves as well. I’ve always worn a helmet, however, as you know up until recently hubby didn’t! I also make her wear one on her scooter as well. Broken heads don’t heal very well! :-)

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