Win a Kettcar for Christmas!

OMG! This would be the most amazing Christmas Present ever!  I have to admit it took me all my power to say no, when I was offered one for Madame, but the voice of reason set in, we live in a 2 up 2 down, with no storage and in the middle of a city.

However, the lovely people at Kettcar have offered a KETTLER Daytona Air Pedal Go Kart suitable for 4-8 years olds and retails at £189 to one of my readers.  For more details click here

Enter by simply filling out the following rafflecopter form below.  Competition closes on  Saturday the 10th November (EST Time).  It’s a goodie so we’re running it for two weeks!

Just imagine the look on your kids face on Christmas Day!

Good luck and you can thank me later!

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240 thoughts on “Win a Kettcar for Christmas!”

  1. OMG this is awesome. Are you sure it’s only up to 8? I’d probably try and squeeze myself in and get stuck anyway! My first car was an old Ford Laser and I couldn’t even drive it when I bought it because it was a manual (and only 4 speed at that) and I learned on an automatic.

  2. My first mode of transport was my go kart, i have never been able to drive and when i was younger this is what i traveled round in! I would love to win this for my amazing Son!

  3. My 1st mode of transport would have been my brother, I used to pretend he was my horse & I would place a cushion on his back & use the tie off a robe as my stirrups. Granted he could never gallop but it was a fun substitute.

  4. a morris minor that i got second hand and did alot of repairs to it ,very cheap to run even then

  5. My 1st was a italien racing red fiat panda that faded to pink over time. Think I’d feel safer in the go kart than I did on a motorway in that!!!

  6. I passed my test 6 years ago and 3 days after I was bought a brand new Vauxhall Corsa. I loved her – all silvery and glittering. 2 months later we had torrential rain and I got caught in flood water and it ruined the engine! Had an almost £2k bill to repair her! My parents weren’t impressed!

  7. I don’t drive I used to be a home care so biked everywhere. I had a Raleigh racer which I loved not very practical in the winter.

  8. Back in my day we made our own, with old pram wheels and any bits of wood we could find. i used to go everywhere with my Bogie (go cart), however nowadays I cant see my grandson going the DIY route, this go kart looks fantastic and I’m sure, being car mad, he’d spend hours playing with it.

  9. First mode of transport was my bike. It was a birthday and Christmas present from Halfords. I loved it and went everywhere on it, until I outgrew it.

  10. My first “real” car was a Citreon AX. It had a 1.0 engine and was red. It also couldn’t pull away at junctions in 2nd gear, had a dodgy heater I.e. that never worked in winter but couldn’t be turned down in summer but I loved it….just terrifying to drive on the motorway!

  11. my very first…..hand made go cart from pram wheels and chassis…..yes l know , l’m showing my age

  12. My first mode of transport was a black metro with so much rust you could see the road through the floor. Them were the days!

  13. My 1st car was my mums old nissan sunny, It didnt even have a tape player so I had to bring a portable player with me in the front seat if I wanted to listen to music!

  14. My first car was a Renault Twingo, I had it for years and years, then I bought a 2 seater convertible and fell pregnant, sod’s law ;) Now I have the second little boy on the way and they would for sure love the Kettcar.

  15. My first car was a Morris 1000 called Gladys, she is older than me (and that’s well old!). She is still going strong (better than me) my brother uses her for weddings. Gladys has been mentioned in a book too!

  16. My first mode of transport was a bike which I had to use daily to reach the stop for the school bus have lots of marks stil where it and I parted on one particular corner……..oh happy days!!!!!

  17. my first mode of transport was a bicycle when I was a child, then it was a peugeot 205 when I passed my driving licence, my parents live in the middle of nowhere, so you’d be lost without a car

  18. I had a very old escort to learn to drive in on private land. but when I was little I had an awesome red and yellow trike.

  19. First car! an awful austin allegro, in brown! but, I loved that car as it was my first one, but now, the stick I get about it, but none the less, it served me well.

  20. always relied on walking, or public transport, still dont drive i recently failed my test – hopefully will manage it next time!

  21. Mine was a cool little car as it was a fiat panda soft top & I use to call it Bentton like the shop as it was all multi coloured inside, the seatbelts were different colours as were the buttons & seats.

  22. I had a ford prefect (yes im that old!), i learnt to drive, and passed my test in her, and when rust invaded her body, she went to the great scrapyard in the sky

  23. Nova Swing 1.2 – it was silver and served me well – up and down the country visiting friends and nightclubs :)

  24. My first car was a Volvo 440 which I bought from my hard-earned cash at the age of 24. During Uni I took two buses and a train to get there everyday, and then two buses and train to get home. I hate buses and trains now! Excellent prize, thanks!

  25. my first car was a nissan micra and i got another two after that, before i could drive and i was a teen, i went everywhere on the bus, mainly to the pass the time, with my friends.


  26. How cool. My parents didn’t drive so my mode of transport was being pushed around on my mums bike! when we got our first bikes my elder sister hot a purple chopper, I was sooo jealous!!

  27. My parents had a really old Skoda when I was growing up. It was very yellow and attracted bugs and bird poo.

  28. My car was an awful sky blue Metro, my dad made me buy it over a cute little VW Golf cos he’d never heard of Golfs. I hated the thing. Thankfully a lorry reversed into it one day (while my aforementioned dad was driving it) and wrote it off. Guess what I got next…?!

  29. We had a Ford fiesta 1.1 with a blue outside and a green bonnet as we didn’t have a lot of money, would love to win this for our 8 year old xx

  30. i had a bike it was past down from my cousin was a wizard bike would love to win this for my 6 year old x

  31. The first car I drove was my Mums Citroen AX. She let me borrow it to drive to uni. I parked it outside my uni house & went away for New Years. Whilst away my boyfriend called to tell me there had been this dramatic police chase outside our uni house, police had been chasing joy riders they had crashed into a car on the street and pushed it across the road where it was towed away. Yes you guessed it it was my Mums car and a write off. My Mum wasn’t impressed!

  32. My first own car was when I was 25. Learnt to drive in my Dad’s old Austin Maestro. They don’t make them like that any more

  33. I don’t drive so mine would have to be my mountain bike – until I went on holiday and when I came back I found it had been stolen. I still get angry thinking about this now, even after all these years xx

  34. Red Rover Metro 1.1, went everywhere in it and passed it on to my sister when she passed her test :)

  35. mine was a bike and i rode to town and back everyday, 25 miles!!!! i was once very fit, but i have a car now lol, so not so fit.

  36. I first drove my Mams orange Volkswagon Caravette and I loved it! My best friend and I had picnics and trips all over, such fun.

  37. I had a fabulous old mini! Actually it wasn’t that fabulous, but I loved it! It was cream and had vile brown velour seats! :)

  38. My first car was a royal blue Rover Metro which I called Malcolm! I loved that little car!

  39. … my dad had the most beat up old Hillman Estate ….. me and my sister used to tell my dad to pick us up ten minutes early from the discos so that noone saw the big pile of rust !!

  40. Cooool.

    The first mode of transport I remember was my Gran’s old mini, and when I say old I mean old. There was a rubber button on the floor that you pressed to get it to start. I kid you not. And my Dad had a Morris Minor that you actually had to crank up from the front. ‘Are you shitting me Dad?’ This was before old cars were cool. It was daily humiliation I can tell you.

  41. My first car was an old Proton, it was a cheap old banger to learn to drive in and I was really upset when my husband suggested selling it and getting me something nicer.

  42. The first car I ever drove was my Dad’s Vauxhall Carlton – which was huge and lumbering and horrific. It was like trying to drive a hovercraft which was overladen by double the recommended weight! Now I drive a battered VW Camper Van and it’s still easier to control!

  43. My first car was a bright yellow Vauxhall Nova which rattled really loudly. It was given to me by my brother’s friend who was going to scrap it after buying a new car. I loved that car.

  44. my 1st mode of transport was my skateboard ! …. i wasnt that fond of my bike and ive never learned to drive

  45. Mine was a crap old fiesta that had a spoiler which made it look like a shopping trolly!!!

  46. My first mode of transport was a bike which was a heck of a lot cheaper to run than my first car.

  47. i walk and get the bus but i have a fab friend that drives me around when need to my boy would love this

  48. I remember getting a trike for xmas when I was 4. They hid it behind the couch and I remember how excited I was. I love looking at the photos of me riding it in the back garden with my posh xmas dress on! xoxo

  49. my mums never drove so my 1st mode of transport was my legs!! we walked everywhere. she did have a friend that drove thou , and would sometimes give us a lift to school. she had a little red `panda` car -was that the real name of them?- it looked like a box on wheels and the rust was the only thing holding it together . i still remember having to push it up a massive hill in the pourin rain after it had broken down…. again. after that i was like `no i dont need a lift thanks, ill walk! haha

  50. My first “grown up” mode of transport was a “James” motorbike – probably worth a fortune now !

  51. I don’t drive but my first ever bicycle was a Chopper when i was 8 years old – OMG i loved that bike, in fact i think it still lives in my mums shed :) x

  52. My first mode of transport was the ‘Bus’! But, then i realised went winter came round that Mum and Dad were the best parents in the world…”Mom! Dad! Can i have a lift please????” No more cold noses at the bus stop for me :-)

  53. when i was about 12 years old i had a racer bike, my parents werent keen because of the seat and they told me i would be like sitting on a razor blade. i loved it and rode it to school ever day.

  54. Roller blades was my first mode of transport -speeding about the estate with my friends trying to perform cool manouevures.

  55. My first mode of transport – had to be a second hand bicycle that I used to cycle from home to work experience with – many years ago !!!

  56. it was a very old nasty fluerscent green fiat cinquento the head gasket went two days after i got it followed by the clutch lol NIGHTMARE car :) Thank you !

  57. My first car was my dads old Ford Mondeo, affectionately named Jessie. She was T reg, bright red and a dream to learn to drive in. Passed on to my sister…. and now is SORN. Totally gutted.

  58. My first car was a bright green Citroen Dyane the one with the fold back roof. It was very old but great fun to drive.

  59. Scooter! A really old, wobbly scooter, on which I managed to crash into a bed of nettles more than my fair share of times! ;-)

  60. I had a brand new expensive moped when I turned 16. I thought I was so cool! The day I passed my test I rode home (you were allowed to ride home even if you hadn’t passed, as long as you returned the next day to try again!) where my family were in the sitting room waiting for me…as I rode up the drive I raised my arms to show I had passed, where by I dropped the bike and badly dented it….I didn’t think my dad would ever forgive me!

  61. Mazda Atlantic… most reliable car I have ever had….. far too big for the engine. struggled to overtake anyone!

  62. I dont drive and never want to I would have terrible road rage I used to ride a bike until my late teens then buses everywhere. My first memory of a car was my dads Lada we called Lady

  63. My first car was bright Pink with a lovely pink steering wheel it was very lush and all my friends were well jealous, I was 4 and it was given to me for my birthday by my grandparents,what made it extra special was it had a piccies of roland rat on the bonnet and sides (my hero at the time) and his cuddle toy replica and me many many, many hours driving around the garden in my ratmobile

  64. I had an amazing chopper bike! I rode it to its death!! I loved that bike :(

    My son would absolutely go nuts for this bless him!!

  65. I remember the first time i ever went in a car, it was my dad’s police car and it was the coolest thing in the world it was like being in the flight deck of an airplane with all the buttons and knobs!! Dad always let me play with the lights too so it was super cool!!!!

  66. I had a red & yellow Big Wheel with streamers on the handlebars & a tall American flag waving behind me!!

  67. First mode of transport is my trike when I was a toddler. Didn’t know how to pedal a bike till I was 8 years old!

    My two kids, aged 7 and 5 – they are more advance than me :-)

  68. I don’t drive unfortunately so mode of transport has pretty much always been a trusty bicycle. I have worked my way through several! Now I have two children the tradition has continued with my eldest cycling everywhere on his bike and my youngest now sitting on a seat on the back of mine! You just can’t beat the wind in your hair…..although that’s not to say i’m not grateful for my husbands car and driving license when a long journey is necessary! :-)

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