Highlight of Half-term: Forest School

And breathe!  We’ve just come to the end of a very busy half-term.  For once, I was organised and booked a few activities in for Madame.  She’s been to the local farm, play dates with friends, Play in the Parks Scheme, Spooky Animal Magic and Trick or Treating.  We almost need a break from our break.

However, the highlight for her by far was Forest School in St Albans.  I don’t know if it’s the Canadian in me but when I saw it advertised at school, I knew she had to go as I’m always on a quest to get her outside more.  It was held in a small Wood on the school property and runs rain or shine, so pop some wellies on and wrap up warm.

She came home beside herself with excitement.  They climbed trees, dug trenches for daffodils, carved wood medals using a peeler, made toast on the fire, drank hot chocolate and played on a make shift swing.  She also mentioned a Fire band for her hair but I’d rather not think about that one.

My only regret was not signing her up for the full 3 days, but we will definitely next time.

Disclosure:  Madame’s stylish Hunter Wellies were courtesy of Simply Hike



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9 thoughts on “Highlight of Half-term: Forest School”

  1. Forest Schools are such a great idea… a practical way of integrating education, being outdoors, appreciating nature, running around and having fun. Kids just love it don’t they? I wish they ran them for grown ups too!

  2. My kids get a session of Forest School every week at their school and it is the highlight of their week. And I’m happy because I don’t have to watch them play in the mud and dread all the mess later ;)

  3. Kirstie, when they run one for grownups, I want to know about it!

    I’m always doing ‘kid’ activities in my local wood, like hunting for mushrooms and looking for bears. The more outdoors fun children get, the better :)

  4. I think it’s great that they have something to do during school holidays. So many kids spend too much time sat around on technical gadgets these days. Amy got a couple of days doing stuff over the half term, too. It really does make a difference.

    CJ x

  5. hi, love this post & think that it’s wonderful that you have such a wonderful opportunity on your doorstep. Forest school is still a fairly new concept to Northern Ireland. Many preschools embrace it, but not so much for the older children. I wonder would you consider adding this to an outdoor play link up I’m having on my blog? Would love to have you join up. Kierna http://nosuchthingasbadweather.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/outdoor-play-party-week-of-fun.html

  6. Such a brilliant thing to do, I do believe all these outdoor experiences we give to our children are the memories they’ll always keep. They’ll forget about toys, games etc, but they’ll always remember getting dirty, playing in the leaves and swinging in trees :)

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