Win a Bouquet of Mother’s Day Flowers, Chocolates and a Bottle of wine!

Mother's Day FlowersWith Mother’s Day around the corner I thought you may like a chance to win a bouquet of Mother’s Day Flowers, chocolates and a bottle of wine Courtesy of Prestige Flowers for a special woman in your life or maybe even yourself.  Competition closes on the 7th of March 2013 so we can endeavor to get the flowers out in time.

Simply enter by using the rafflecopter.  Full Terms and Conditions are at the bottom of the form.  Competition open to UK residents only aged 18+.

This competition is listed on Loquax, Prize Finder and Competition Hunter

Good luck!

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Author: mediocremum

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409 thoughts on “Win a Bouquet of Mother’s Day Flowers, Chocolates and a Bottle of wine!”

  1. I would be so tempted to keep it myself, but My Mum is so special to me I would give it to her. She helps me everyday xxx

  2. As gorgeous as they are and as much as i’d love to keep them for myself I would have to give them to my mum. Unfortunately I don’t buy her flowers as often as I should :-(

  3. As I’m never bought flowers, I’m tempted to keep it! I’d give the choccies away to my mum tho! (I’m not all bad!)

  4. I would send it to my second mum, my mother-in-law, she always there for me and that would be a lovely present for her as she deserves it.

  5. I’d give them to my Daughter who is about to become a first time Mum in May and would say they were from the baby :-)

  6. I’d keep them myself but share them! We’re all recovering from a very nasty coughy virus so a treat would be nice.

  7. I would love to give this wonderful prize of flowers, chocolates and wine to my Mum who truly deserved them but sadly she is no longer with us. So I would have to keep them for myself and think of her and how wonderful a mother she was.

  8. I would give it to my mum. As a single mum with health problems, I don’t know what I would do without her – she helps me with my kids so much!

  9. I’d be tempted to keep it myself. I no longer have my mum and so I’ll look at them in her memory!

  10. I would give them to my mum as she has helped my family out so much lately and deserves a treat xx

  11. I would send them to my mum she hasn’t been well lately I would like to keep them for myself there very beautifull but so is my mum x

  12. I’ve no kids so never get anything for mothers day so that would be a lovely treat for me.

  13. I would send it to my mum as she has recently moved to the other side of the country and I really miss her!

  14. As Mum, has passed over. but it would be for my wife, who is mother to four children (grown up), and her great/gran- children, would support this application, for this great prize, for nothing is too much trouble for her

  15. I’d give the flowers to my mum for all she does for us, the wine to my sister – she needs it with her 3 kids and me and the little one would share the chocolates!!

  16. a newishly single mum of two who are still too little to remember to make or buy me anything it would be a lovely gift to myself from them lol or maybe i should really give them to my own mother who has helped me through such an awful split with my ex

  17. I would send these to my grandmother who has 6 great gandchildren, 6 grand children and two children. She loves flowers and woul dbe delighted to recieve these.

  18. As a single mum I rarely get Mother’s Day gifts that aren’t made from macaroni and glitter at school… but I would be good and send these to my lovely mum :)

  19. as my mum is no longer with me, i would keep them myself, i love fresh flowers , and i think i will deserve the wine and choccies as its also my sons birthday on mothers day so not much peace and quiet for me that day

  20. I would take some of them to the cemetary for my mum and save a couple for myself so we could share them.

  21. As much as id love it for myself cause i never get any flowers. I think my mum would love it much more. It would be nice to treat her for a change :) xx

  22. Lillies are my favourite so I would have to be selfish and keep them to myself… I have to add, I am rarely selfish, with 3 children and a partner, it isn’t often I get to treat myself as they come first… they would look beautiful in my living room and I have a lovely glass jug just screaming to hold them :0)

  23. Sadly my mum has passed away so I’d raise a toast to her and I know she’d be looking down and smiling.

  24. I would love to give it to my sister as she’s a great mum and her kids are to young to buy her a special gift.

  25. id would keep them for myself as im pregnant (due shortly) so this would make my my mothers day super special

  26. My mother passed away around Mother’s day three years ago and I would keep them for myself since I am a mom.

  27. I would give the flowers and chocs to my wonderful mum and have the wine myself, well I am a mum too. xx

  28. i would be tempted to keep this myself, my mum died when i was young and i am a mum and almost a grandma so i think im worth it

  29. mmmm i’m a chocoholic so I would be tempted to sneak one, but I would give them to my mum I’m sure she’d share them with me anyway!

  30. I would give them to my mum but I would be tempted to keep them myself they’re beautiful and I wouldn’t get to see them as she live too far away!

  31. If I’m completely honest, I would probably keep the chocolates and give my mum the flowers and wine.

  32. I’d be tempted to keep them, but I know how much my mum would love to get some flowers and wine so I would send them to her.


  33. Id keep it for myself i never get flowers i only get chocolates which others seem to eat most of them.

  34. Although it could be tempting I wouldn’t keep these. I know my Mum would enjoy them a lot more that I would.

  35. I’d be tempted to keep it myself but I wouldn’t, I’d send it to my mum (even if they will make her cry – with happiness)

  36. id send them to my grandma for mothers day she is 93 in may and i simply love her she is independent and fun life wouldn’t be the same with out her!

  37. Id love to treat my mam, she has endured constant wedding stress from me for the last 18 months x

  38. Even though it’s Mother’s Day I would have to give them to my daughter, she loves flowers and she deserves a treat after taking such good care of me while I’ve been ill :)

  39. I would like to give the chocolates to my mum, she loves chocolate and likes to share treats with family and friends. The wine, as my mum doesn’t drink alcohol:- I would use as a treat to share with friends. The flowers I would offer my mum (she would be delighted to see them, though she would decline the offer. As she doesn’t like to think off/or see the flowers dying.) So we would discuss and decide who to give these to, as a treat and possibly a thank-you for a kindness done or a happy occasion shared.

  40. For my beautiful fiancée after trying for a baby for a while, she’s now three months pregnant, every dream has come true and she deserves a special treat

  41. I would share with my mum. She would get the flowers as she loves them, I would get the wine as my 5 year old isn’t old enough to buy it for me yet, and we would share the chocolates! Xxx

  42. I’d like to say I would give them to my mum but I have to admit I’d be very tempted to keep them myself. My hubby always forgets Mother’s Day and I never get flowers!

  43. Mother in law, Iris, She has fractured her arm, it is in plaster and her daughter is getting married in 4 weeks time! Not a happy lady, she is really worried that she may not be able to manage …

  44. I would keep them for myself as my Mum is deceased and I don’t get anything from my Son for Mother’s Day.

  45. Flowers are definitely meant to be given … I’d give them to my sister, as her baby is too young to buy flowers, yet … I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with a bunch of dandelions, plucked from the cracks in the patio by your toddler … In fact, they can mean more than a shed load of roses … But, I think my sister deserves these lovely blooms, too!

  46. Keep it myself…….I’ve earned it! Besides, I have an amazing treat planned for my Mum (involving a night in a posh London hotel, a Theatre trip, a meal out, and a chauffer driven car!)

  47. I would have to keep it for myself as my own little Mother’s Day gift ill leave a note from the fairy with it all in my sons room the night before Mother’s Day and say something like ‘your pocket money we love so much, so we thought we would send you some fairy dust, save your pennies for a day where ice cream, sun and sand is a day , take these gifts to you mummy and tell her these are yummy’

  48. Definitely give my amazing Mum this. I always get told off for spending “too much” on her for Mothers’ Day because I don’t work at the moment (with health issues) so it would be lovely to be able to say “Happy Mothers’ Day” and give her something special. At least if it was a competition win, she wouldn’t feel guilty and I would tell her. Wishing everyone good luck x

  49. I would send it to my Mother in law because the last few weeks have been a nightmare for her x

  50. i would give them to my motherin law as she has taken the place of my mum who passed away, and i love chris very much

  51. I would send it to my long suffering wife then she could keep the flowers and I could drink the wine and eat the chocs

  52. Would give them to mum for a big thank you for everything she does for me, but woud be secretly wishing I was keeping them!

  53. I would like to send them to my godmother , as last mothers day was so difficult for her as she had lost her daughter to cancer at 42 , and the flowers would help her along this year

  54. I’d give it to my daughter-in law because she is the beat mum I know. ( apart from me )

  55. If i W <3 n i would give these to my mother as i do not get to see her enough as she lives 450 miles away…It would maker here day…Tweeting @isabelBaker2 & following on facebook & twitter :) x

  56. My mother could have the flowers my father the chocolates and my husband the wine. Everyones happy.

  57. I would send to my friend as she is due to have an operation shortly, and these would cheer her up.

  58. I’d send it to my sister because she’s just got 2 job interviews -to wish her the best of luck!

  59. I would love to win these lovely gifts for my daughter who is almost a mummy shes been through so much throughout this last 7 months shes suffered HG from 6 weeks shes had Iron issues so needed Transfusions shes had a bleed within the sac,her partner left and now baby is late this would cheer her up n end !!

  60. i would love them! but my mum deserves them more for being such an amazing mum and grandma x

  61. As much as I’d love to keep it to myself, I’d have to send it to my mum because she deserves it.

  62. Hi I would love to nominate my wonderful daughter who is a amazing young woman who 2 years ago lost her wee baby due to a tumour on her womb n a full molar pregnancy but she has been given a second chance and is now expecting her daughter In June she’s totally amazing so i thought id enter her for this competition even though she never wins so fingers crossed

  63. I would probably keep these for myself as I rarely receive flowers. They would look lovely in my front window for mothers day. The choccies would go to my mum and the wine to my sister.

  64. I would keep it for myself as my Mum lives abroad and I couldn’t get it to her, but I would share it with my teenage daughter to make our bond stronger.

  65. Would be tempted to keep for myself, but, I would send to my wondeful Mum…she’s the ‘blooming’ best of the ‘bunch’! ( pardon the pun) LOL ! x

  66. I’d love them, but I’d give them to my partner, then I’d get the pleasure of looking at them :)

  67. I’m sorry to say, but I might keep it for myself! My mum booked a holiday by mistake so is not around and am sure my hubby’s going to forget (even with the little ones reminding him!)

  68. i would keep this for myself, my kids are too young to buy me a gift and my partner always grabs something at the last minute from his work place….. which would be fine if he didnt work in a pound shop

  69. I’d give the flowers to my Mum but as she doesn’t like wine or chocolate (I know – wierd, right?) I’d get to keep them for me :)

  70. I would give it to my daughter, a young mum who works full time and shuffles the demands of her son and deserves a treat.

  71. I’d send it to my Mum of course! She works long hours as a nurse and could do with a treat!

  72. I love bouquet of flowers I don’t get any bought for me so I would be tempted to have them for myself

  73. id love to keep them for myself as my two teenagers never think id just like a bunch of flowers.

  74. I would send them to my Nan (my 2nd Mum:)), she is bedridden with MS but beautiful flowers are one if the very few things she can take pleasure in

  75. My mum has passed away so I would keep the flowers and put them on the window sill in memory of her.

  76. I would definitely be tempted t keep it but my mom deserves it so I’d reluctantly hand it over x

  77. I would give this to my mother in law as she has been a great support to us over the years.

  78. As my mum passed away 14 years ago, I might be kind and let my husband give it to my mother-in-law. On the other hand ….

  79. I would keep it to myself, because I do a good enough (!!) job of raising my babies by myself and lets face it, unless my 5 year old and 21 month old daughter learn how to order flowers in time for Sunday I won’t be getting anything anyway! haha

  80. I would send them to my mum because I love her so much and recently moved away from home and miss her.

  81. It’s very rare I get flowers and I have asked the kids to save their money this year so it would be nice to keep them for myself

  82. My daughter in law because she is a mom to be and the best daughter in law I could ever hope to have :)

  83. It would be ALLLL MIINNNE! which would beam my two little ones can spoil me, without it coming from my own pocket for a change xx

  84. I would give these to my mum, because she deserves a treat for being so strong and dealing with a lot of stress in her life in respect to her children.

  85. I’d give Mum the lovely flowers and chocs and keep the wine for myself. Sounds perfectly fair to me! :)

  86. i would keep it for myself as i know i won’t be getting anything as my kids are too young and i’ve been sensible and ordered my mums flowers & chocolates already (for once lol)

  87. I would love to treat my mum with it as she is a very strong independant woman who raised me and my four siblings on her own, she taught me so many qualities and she is the main person I turn to whenever I need some guidance, support or love even though I am a mum myself now. She has battled depression for around 5 years now and at times is a shadow of her former self, but when I need her I see the strong female role that I grew up with. I love her so very much and likewise I know she loves me unconditionally.

  88. Well – I would love to give something special to Mum because she is the best and I and my brother and older sister, cats, dog, rabbits and goldfish lover her to bits!

    You are the greatest Mum in the world!

  89. I no longer have my mum, and both my daughters that are mothers are pregnant and can’t drink….so I might give them the chocs and flowers but the wine would be all mine! :D x

  90. Its beautiful, they would go to mum, though I suspect I would get the lilies , as I love them but for mum they are funeral flowers ! Though as they are such a gorgeous colour and not white I am not sure.

  91. Everyone has that special lady in their lives that they would give them to and in my case it would have to be my mum because she is a star. :-) x

  92. Unfortunately my mum is no longer with me, I would give them to a friend of mine who has recently lost her daughter.

  93. For myself as my hubby had decided to hop off on a stag weekend, leaving me at home alone with the kids, very mothers dayesque!!

  94. id keep the chocs and wine for myself (share with hubby and family) as she cant have those for medical reasons and the flowers for my mam x

  95. Mothers’ Day coming up fast so this would go straight to her in Dorset, as I’m working this weekend and won’t get to see her :-(

  96. I had the best mum ever and if I won these flower I would lay them at the church for her x

  97. For myself, I’m blooming knackered and my husband won’t remember (can’t blame my daughter she is only 18 months old)

  98. I would have to give the flowers to my Mother as she fell yesterday and broke her wrist and I’m feeling guilty as I haven’t got up to see her yet.

  99. I would send the flowers to my mum, but wouldn’t feel guilty for keeping the wine as she doesn’t drink.

  100. I would keep it myself as I;m sure my husband will forget to get me anything from my little girl!

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