Win a Hostess Electric Milk Frother worth £49.99

Win a Milk FrotherYeo Valley, the British family-run dairy company, is launching a brand new on pack offer available with 1 and 2 litre bottles of Organic Whole, Semi-Skimmed and Skimmed Milk.

From January, Yeo Valley are offering the chance to win a Hostess electric milk frother worth £49.99 with purchases of milk. To celebrate, we have one of these fantastic appliances to give away to one of my readers.

Perfect for frothing up a cappuccino, whisking a hot chocolate or mixing a milkshake, these Hostess milk frothers come with both a stirrer and a frother function for hot and cold drinks.

What’s more, the winner will also receive a goody bag filled with delicious Yeo Valley products from rice pudding to fridge staples such as yogurts, butter and cream (the content of Goodie Bag may vary).

To enter, simply use the rafflecopter form below.  Full Terms and Conditions are at the bottom of the form.  UK Residents only age 18+.

Good luck!

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235 thoughts on “Win a Hostess Electric Milk Frother worth £49.99”

  1. This would be great for me ! Am a right coffee pot and might save me going to coffee shops all the time

  2. I don’t mind if I have sugar or not but there must be milk. The other half has decided to give up sugar (he seems to have replaced it with biscuits) so I am consigning the sugar bowl to a storage box.

  3. Tea with sugar and a little bit of milk. That’s a little bit of milk – not a really strong stewed tea with a load of milk!! Not that I’m picky!! (no, really, I’m not!)

  4. I like my tea STRONG – the tiniest dash of milk and no sugar. When it comes to hot chocolate though, the milkier and creamier the better – lots of froth and cream and marshmallows (naturally!). I don’t drink coffee but the other half loves a cappucino or latte (well did until the coffee machine broke a year ago!)

  5. I have milk and two sugars in my tea because I need the energy, however since becoming pregnant I can’t even stand the smell of Tea, let alone drink it, I hope it passes soon!!

  6. At home i drink my coffee, with milk, 2 sugars and only use half a teaspoon of coffee. When im getting a Costa or Starbucks it a hazlenut latte made with full fat milk and no sugar.

  7. I dont drinnk tea and coffee but I do like hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream instead

  8. I like my Tea strong with Milk and one sugar and my coffee not strong with milk and two sugars :)

  9. I don’t drink tea or coffee but I love a good milkshake! I like chocolate milkshake the best.

  10. Good strong tea with 3 sugars and just a dash of milk. I cannot abide milky tea!! Bleugh!!

  11. proper coffee i drink with half tsp sugar and a more than a splash of milk
    instant coffe i take with 1 sweetener and milk

  12. Strong black coffee with six sweeteners! Apparently that is an odd amount of sweetener to put in one’s drink but it’s calorie free so I don’t see how it matters! :D


  13. I enjoy both tea (treacle lately) and 1% ;) and always coffee, my favorite is carmel machiatto with whipped (yet I can’t stand the taste)??

  14. i like both tea and coffee with coffee there as to be milk and sugar with tea i will take it without sugar as long as it as milk :)

  15. Black tea no milk no sugar…But isnt it strange that i like coffee with 1 sugar and a drop of milk lol :-)

  16. i am a hot drink addict!!! i love coffee and tea and hot chocolate too, i cant get enough, in fact everyone says i drink too much of them but i cant help it!! this would be fabulous :D

  17. I drink my coffee black with no sugar – it gives me that ‘zing’ to wake up in the morning. However if I’m having a treat in the coffee shop I would drink a cappuccino.

  18. I take them both with 1 sweetener and milk. Both tea and coffee have to be fairly strong. Love cappuccinos

  19. wow would love a proper throther always jst shake my milk in a plastic tub with lid for my frothy coffee or kids frothy choccie :)

  20. I take my tea and coffee with milk only, but I have to put 1/2 spoon of sugar in green tea to make it palatable.

  21. I don’t like tea at all but I drink my coffee black without sugar – which is terrible for the teeth – my dentist always tells me that black coffee and red wine are the worst for staining teeth so it’s no wonder I spend a fortune on whitening toothpaste

  22. I drink bucket loads of tea very strong with a dash of skimmed milk, no sugar and hot very hot!

  23. If I have coffee, then milk has to be heated in the microwave with my kenco millicano added then pour hot water in after milk has heated up, then 3 sweeteners put in, my tea aslong as its stewed and has skimmed milk and 2 sweeteners them I’m happy!

  24. I like my tea & coffee with milk but no sugar – try to stick to skimmed milk as a rule but sometimes I have to have a “proper” coffee. Have tried many ways of getting frothy milk at home, even used a hand mixer once, that didn’t work very well but did make us all laugh :)

  25. I’m a lover of mocha, or those new Nescafe individual instant sachets, a blast with this and who needs to leave the house?!

  26. Mmmmm… A nice strong coffee with no sugar and frothed soya milk is all I need to wake myself up with a smile everyday… :P (That and a healthy breakfast of course).. ;)

  27. Large mug of strong Yorkshire tea with dash of milk and no sugar – real “builders” tea!

  28. I drink tea and coffee with a little milk and no sugar or sweetener, but I only really like tea from a teapot in a proper cup!

  29. I take mu tea with skimmed milk and no sugar/ sweetener but my coffee I take with skimmed milk and a sweetener tablet.

  30. I love both tea and coffee. I take my tea without sugar and with only a dash of milk. I used to put cold water in my tea (just a small bit) so that I could drink it straight away but now I prefer to let it cool slightly first. I also love coffee. My favourite is a white mocha with cream from a well known coffee shop. Yummy!!!

  31. I love tea, strong(ish – it’s increasing lol) with milk & 1 sugar, my partner adores coffee so this frother would definitely come in handy!

  32. I drink tea with just a drop of milk and no sugar or black coffee, no sugar. However, most of the time I drink either water or diet coke!

  33. I like my coffee black with two sugars but I like my tea with a tiny bit of milk – no sugar

  34. Tea and coffee strong but milky, no sugar. Sometimes I get asked how can it be strong if theres loads of milk in it.. I put a HEAPED teaspoon coffee in and I leave the teabag in longer. Also love coffee made with milk and to have it frothy would be heaven :-)

  35. I drink my coffee milky and generally decaff and I drink green and fruit teas really weak, so they only just colour the water – I’m obviously a bit of a wuss where drinks are concerned :)

  36. Strangely, I don’t like hot coffee. I have to have my coffee iced with the ice crushed up in the blender. Then I add sugar and milk :)

  37. I take both my tea and coffee with just skimmed milk. I like my teas strong and my coffee medium strength.

  38. I dont drink tea, but Coffee i have it white with no sugar, but i will drink any coffee, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha and i cannot function without at least two cups in the morning

  39. I prefer fresh orange juicebut sadly it’s rotting my teeth. However, on the bright side, I do have enough vitamin C in my diet :)

  40. I’m a tea person, but I like mine on the milky side. Although my daughters love hot chocolate, especially before bed, so they would love this milk frother.

  41. I love my coffee very milky and sweet :) This milk frother will be very handy to have and well used!

  42. I take my tea very strong, one sugar and very little milk. If I’m having coffee, I have lots of milk – it’s the way I roll! ;-)

  43. I am a bit of a tea addict & I like my tea with milk, no sugar. :) I drink coffee now & then (usually if I’m trying to stay awake!) and again, milk & no sugar.

  44. tea has to be weak with sugar and a dash of milk and coffee has to be made entirely with milk.

  45. I love coffee, and always have a pot on the go! My daughter and I would make great use of the frother, for coffee and the Hot Chocolate that she loves

  46. I add 2 and half teaspoons of coffee, half a cup water and half cup boiling milk, then use a quarter milk to make the froth, then top it all off with half a teaspoon of coffee on top..

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