Working from home….can it work?

Working from homeI was over the moon when hubby started work again a few weeks ago.  The only downside is we’re both working from home, we have a tiny house and I’ve been doing it a long time so have a rhythm and not used to having someone under my feet.  Something has to give.  This is my day and my hubby’s day…what do you reckon?

Mediocre Mum

  • Woke up before everyone else but not too early
  • Did the washing up from last night
  • Put a load of washing on
  • Made packed lunch
  • Gave Madame Breakfast
  • Did her ear drops and antibiotics
  • Helped her get dressed, brushed her hair, reading journal, boots and jacket
  • Did my invoicing
  • Sent out an email campaign
  • Responded to a few work emails
  • Went to the post office, pet store for Hamster supplies, Sainsbury’s for a few bits and Matalan.
  • Telephone conference with a client
  • Cooked Thai Green Chicken Soup for dinner
  • Cleaned the house in anticipation of the cleaner
  • Drove 50 miles to work including the Dartford tunnel, delivered a training session to 30 people with enthusiasm, drove 50 miles back, got stuck in a traffic jam, drove like a loon.
  • Picked up Madame, gave her a snack, danced around the lounge, gave her a bath, brushed hair, jammies, played with Hamster and did Bedtime stories.
  • Completed post visit reports
  • Plus another round of ear drops and antibiotics
  • Sorted Childcare for next week.
  • Wrote this post
  • Poured myself a very large glass of wine and hit Twitter!
  • Served dinner


  • Drove Madame to school
  • Sat in the corner in the kitchen on his computer all day……and he’s still there.

I rest my case!  Comments or suggestions on how we are going to make this work?


Author: mediocremum

A slightly older mum of one, who drinks far too much red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with her slow cooker. During the day she's an ICT Trainer, Social Media/Online Marketing consultant and does a bit of public speaking. Full Profile on Google+

16 thoughts on “Working from home….can it work?”

  1. Oh my your list made me laugh compared to his! A sweet talk with him should hopefully help things, division of labour.

    Mine, has been off on medical leave for the past week and a half, he is driving me crazy, underfoot and completely messing with my schedule. Ugh!

  2. Absolutely LOVE this!
    Both me and hubby work from home and I can SOOO relate. Amazing how the task sharing seem to be the same in most families.

  3. This really made me laugh, I tell maddad what is expected of him. Initially we had a list. I think a chalk board often works well. Men are oblivious to all that we do and then when they do something they want recognition for is. I loaded the dishwasher, did you hear me I loaded the dishwasher, yes dear what do you want, a gold star!

  4. I WFH two days a week, and my OH is also off on medical leave. Driving me crazy. Your list I can totally empathize with. I go into the office for a break…still nothing gets done and I have it all to do when I get home…how is this fair? Lol

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