Hail to McDonald’s!

£145 for Wet wipes !?!?!?!?

This goes out as a WARNING TO ALL PARENTS.

Romantic Bath

I need to rewind a bit, on Saturday night, I was having a bath, you know all romantic candles etc, who am I kidding, I was surrounded by plastic bath toys.  Anyhow, when I drained the bath I heard an unfamiliar gurgling sound.

I really didn’t take much notice, but it quickly became apparent that both our loos were blocked.  We tried the usual caustic soda and plunger but to no avail.  We called Dynorod, but luckily for us no one was free on the weekend, as this would have cost us a fortune.  So we waited until Monday.

The problem gets worse

In the meantime, we thought it was isolated to the loos.  I had to pop out to a Birthday on Sunday, Soft Play Hell and as I left, I popped the washing machine one, you know, perpetually multitasking.  I received a distressed phone call from hubby who was ankle deep in waste.  I did laugh.  Apparently the block went beyond the loos.

It’s amazing how reliant we become on convenience.  We could no longer use the loos, shower or use the washing machine.  Luckily we have a McDonald’s around the corner for a McWee and a McSh*t.  I’ve traveled the world and they will always have a clean loo!


However, for a 5 year old it’s not as easy.  I won’t go into graphic detail but it did require looking for a kitchen utensil that you could throw away and a bit of fishing!

Help arrives!

My knight in shining Armour arrived late afternoon on Monday, after a covert trip to McD’s.


This is when we realised that, being mid terrace, we had no access to the pipes.  At one point we had a discussion about lifting the tiles and cutting a hole in the floor.  Pound signs flashed before my eyes.  Luckily for us, the lovely chap, who could have walked away and come back after we had a plumber in to reveal the pipes, went beyond the call of duty.  We had to remove the toilet, which is beyond their remit and he used what I’d call a toilet ‘snake’ which was about 30 ft long, it ‘just’ reached the blockage.

Sneaky Bugger!

I knew damn well before he even told me, who the culprit was.  I was going to hide the packages before he arrived, but he said there was no point, as he would have worked it out.  He said when he sees a blockage straight away, if the water doesn’t recede, it’s baby wipes.  Apparently, they make a rather impressive seal.  Paper will break down, baby wipes will not and they hold onto the pipes for dear life!

I can’t believe it was our beloved baby wipes; I’d never bought them before having kids but would never live without them now!  They take off everything from mascara to permanent ink to crayon to scuffs on your shoes.  They are a wonder to be hold, but DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ever put them down the loo!  But if you do it may cost you £145!






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11 thoughts on “Hail to McDonald’s!”

  1. I have to confess my son was about three before I realised you weren’t supposed to flush baby wipes. I mean, whose stupid idea was it to design something to do the job they’re designed to do and make them not flushable. Makes no sense at all.

  2. We have a septic tank – after one baby wipe related incident have got stickers on all the loos suggesting visitors don’t flush ANYTHING down that isn’t loo roll

    Live and learn etc

  3. Liked both of your disaster storieur meal that flopped, now this one, talk about dirty. I had a drain clog last month and a company came out cleared it, found to my surpise a wash cloth. “I said WTF”

  4. You must be blessed, I have NEVER encountered a clean McD loo!!

    Apparently even supposed flushable toddler bottom wipes are suppose to be lethal for blockages.

  5. Oh no! Wipes are a nightmare! Glad you finally got it sorted :)

    We have to have dynorod come out about once a year to sort our drains as some kind person down the road always flushes them so we have to pay for that to be sorted! Any kind of wipes are a no no apparently (even the toilet cleaning ones that say they are flushable!)

  6. It does say in the small print on the packaging that you shouldn’t flush them. But yes it’s ridiculous!

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