Win a ‘Birthday Card Bundle’ worth approx £25

I’m forever finding myself dashing to Sainsbury’s to pick up birthday cards at the last minute and I often find the selection is less than desirable, cringe-worthy at times.  So I thought, you may like the chance to win a ‘Birthday Card Bundle’ worth approximately £25 from Orchard Cards to have on hand!

Win a Birthday Card Bundle

To enter simply use the Rafflecopter form below.  Full Terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the form.  Open to UK residents aged 18+

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126 thoughts on “Win a ‘Birthday Card Bundle’ worth approx £25”

  1. My most memorable birthday was my 30th, I’d given birth to my daughter days before and I had a giant buffet of all the foods I couldn’t eat while pregnant – soft cheese, nuts, cured meats, pate and champagne!

  2. has to be the one when nobody could get to my party because we were all snowed in…quite apt with this years weather too!! Urgh!!

  3. Mine would have to be my 24th Birthday, because that weekend I moved into an actual house with my newborn twins, partner and 3 year old, instead of the cold and decrepit flat we were living in!

  4. My most memorable was just a few years ago when I finally got to visit USA on my birthday – 4th July, felt like one big birthday party!

  5. not really sure, am hoping my 40th this years is memorable to be honest, my sisters 30th was fab and my daughters 18th in portugal with 9 of her friends and my sister was really fun lol

  6. Not for the right reasons but my 18th was most memorable as it was also the day Princess Diana died. Kind of stole my thunder!

  7. I am hoping to make my 40th special this year – am going to Le Manoir Aux Quat Seasons for an overnight stay

  8. Not sure what year it was, I’d gone to see a band and while I was standing at the front waiting for them to come onstage, my dad bumped into them outside and told them it was my birthday. They wished me happy birthday during their set, I was equally mortified and chuffed to bits.

  9. My 30th last week – I was adamant I didnt want to celebrate it but 5 of my closest friends threw me a surprise little party and I was very touched. I loved it :) XOXO

  10. i think mine would be my 12th lol. My poor mum forked out on 20 kids to go see back to the future and then pizza hut lol. I had fun but looking back must of cost a small fortune :)

  11. My most memorable birthday would be when my Mum was probably about 35 and I asked how old she was and she said 21 and I bought her a great big padded 21st birthday card !!!

  12. My 16th, I had just come out of hospital after an operation. I had a date fixed for a second operation (surgeon kindly aggreed to have me in over Christmas so I missed less school!) I had a dressing on my tummy weeping smelly pus – a birthday I will never forget!

  13. Mine was my 20th, found a roof over my head after being homeless and sleeping rough for a year in Brighton. Oh my miss spent youth.

  14. My was my 46th, full on surprise party with lots of friends in Spain, a wonderful evening, thanks to my lovely husband.

  15. My 17th. My parents, boyfriend (now husband) and me went to a local restaurant. Ended up with food poisoning! (Definitely wasn’t anything to do with drink)!!!

  16. My 39th as I spent it at the Waldorf in London and for breakfast they bought out a small Birthday cake!

  17. My 60th. My two daughters arranged a surprise long weekend away at Centre Parcs, Penrith, for the whole family. It was ‘eyes closed Mum’ when we came off the motorway and I wasn’t allowed to open them again until we arrived. We had a fantastic few days there as a family with plenty of activities, walks, entertainment and quality time together, priceless.

  18. my 26th when me and my (late) mum had a girly makeover and photo shoot as a treat xx

  19. Probably my 18th but not for a good reason. I went to a nice pub with my boyfriend and some of his family. I’d already eaten some of my nice birthday cake. I was foolish enough to mix my drinks whilst on hayfever medication. I stayed the night at my boyfriend’s family home and was horrendously sick all over their bathroom floor and left it for my boyfriend to clean up. I had a terrible hangover the next morning. My 21st was nothing to celebrate. My marriage was on the verge of breaking down ( the same man). We were not talking to each other and all he bought me was a bottle of Tramp bath oil which he presented to me in a shop paper bag and the price left on

  20. I’ll never forget my 18th – instead of having a big party it was 2 days before Christmas and snowing so I went ice-skating with my family

  21. My most memorable one was when I was 10 because it was my last birthday party and it was the biggest one.

  22. my 18th my nan broke her wrist in the snow then in the evening we were all suppose to go out for a meal but the weather was too bad to travel

  23. my last one with my family around, very relaxed, chilled atmosphere at frankie and bennys

  24. mine was my 21st, it started the DJ was 2 hours late, by then ppl were half cut, then when the buffet was opened, everyone had a food fight, and ended up someone being stabbed at the end!!! #Not remembered for the right reason :(

  25. My 40th would be the birthday I remember most, but for all the wrong reasons, I was in bed unable to move with swine flu :(

  26. My most memorable birthday was my 30th which has just past!! I don’t think i will forget it in a hurry because it was just a big mile-stone!!!

  27. My seventeenth with all my friends. An unplanned evening that evolved on its own and was just fantastic.

  28. Mine was the when I was 26 it was my first birthday with my daughter, and I got a mug saying worlds best mum on it, loved the whole day

  29. My 20th i was a week away from having my first child and remember thinking this is the last time it will be a meal for 2 out on my birthday

  30. my most memorable birthday – i was 18 and i had found i was pregnant a few days before, my now ex, managed to drink a whole bottle of champagne that i had been bought (which i was going to save for when my son was born) and then proceeded to get abusive to me….not the best birthday ever, but that day, after being punched and kicked and verbally abused, i vowed to get out of the relationship and never be treated like that again!

  31. best birthday was when my husband and kids took me for a lovely meal in my favourite restaurant, made me a box with beautiful hand made gifts, painted bottles and soy candles, crystal stones and card etc – personal and memorable

  32. My 40th birthday, I thought i was going out for a quiet meal with my boyfriend, i had been real busy on the saturday stripping paper off the walls etc decorating, to cut a long story short, i was so tired i realy couldnt be bothered going out, but my boyfriend was adamant, anyway i got ready, couldnt do my hair and finished up wearing a wig which i was realy unsure about, but i was only going for a quiet meal, imagine to my horror when i walked in the restaurant to find friends and family all shouting SURPRISE…. and Looking at me stange….. Mortified dot com…..

  33. My most memorable birthday was my 21st because I was working in Barcelona as part of my University placement and I was quite homesick, so my Dad flew out to see me for the weekend. It was really lovely as I took him to see the sights of Barcelona

  34. Mines or should i say ours ( I have a twin sister) was our 30th birthday party with all our friends and family there was a fantastic night we had never had a big party before we just had a family meal on our 18th and 21st

  35. My 21st as I had an amazing day with a delicious chocolate cake and all my friends and family!

  36. My 22nd because I was 2 days off my due date and went to bingo and was having Braxton hicks contractions, I didn’t know they were just Braxton hicks so was worrying I was going to have the baby at the bingo. And I didn’t win anything!

  37. my 16th where i had a huge house party and the place was trashed! memorable for the wrong reasons hehe

  38. My most memorable birthday was my 30th as I spent in A&E with my 4 year old son who had broken his arm!!

  39. Every birthday is memorable because I just love getting pretty cards more than the presents. I have enough ‘stuff’ but cards give me pleasure and take no room to store away afterwards.

  40. Difficult to say as most were good but my 40th in Delhi I can remember well, rained , humid and in a rotten hotel so memorable for the wrong reasons.

  41. My 18th, such a long time ago, had a lovely family meal in a restaurant with a nice big birthday cake!

  42. My most memorable birthday was my 30th. My hubby cooked me a fantastic meal. He had never cooked for me before that and he never has since haha

  43. my 30th very heavily pregnant with my second child and the chinese waitress telling me how fat i was how i was very big repeating herself several times..thanks not what a whale/woman wants to hear on the very odd occasion she gets to get a little dolled up and go out especially as its her birthday lol

  44. My 21st!!! I worked in a pub, my birthday was the Thursday and I was working the Wed Night, come Midnight I had had a few in preparation and my boss came out from behind the bar with a cocktail – God Knows what was in it but I remember it tasted strong but kinda yummy – I slept through my 21st!!!!

  45. Mine was also my 30th birthday, I had a party – the first one i had ever had and was so mazed by all the people friends and family who came to celebrate with me – it was a really lovely night

  46. My most memorable birthday was the day I was born, February 29th (1988), leap day! What makes my birthday even more special is that I share my birthday with my mum.

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