Does Life Begin at 40? (Competition)

To celebrate the release of ‘This is 40‘ by acclaimed writer, director and producer, Judd Apatow, we’re giving one of my readers a chance to win a Does Life Pegin after 40?copy of the DVD and a £100 voucher from Red Letter Days.

The film itself, a ‘sort of’ sequel to Knocked Up,  follows a married couple played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann as they struggle with the changes of life as they turn 40 and the alterations that occur in their relationship and family dynamic – all with hilarious consequences!

I turned 40 a couple of years ago.  I know a lot of people fear it but for the first time in my life I finally feel  comfortable in my own skin and am thoroughly enjoying it so far.  My body is doing a few things I’m not too happy about; rogue hairs, cellulite and gravity but now I just find myself laughing it off!

We’d love create a list of  ‘The Ultimate 40 things to do after you’re 40 list’.  To enter the competition simply leave a blog comment via the rafflecopter form below stating what your ‘Ultimate thing to do after 40 would be’.   Additional entries are also available.  The winner will be chosen at random.  We will then generate an Ultimate Top 40 list from your suggestions.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

A full list of Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of the form but in short it’s open to UK residents only aged 18+.

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Good Luck!

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273 thoughts on “Does Life Begin at 40? (Competition)”

  1. I did my first hot air balloon flight when I was 40,it was soooo good I have done 3 more since

  2. As me and my wife had children quite young when I am 40 my son will be 18 and hopefully we will be able to leave him at home, so me and my wife can go trekking around Macha Pichu, its something we have always wanted to and I think it will be romantic for us both.

  3. I am already the wrong side of 40 but would love to travel across Europe in a camper van (luxury one of course!)! I would even take my kids with me, it wouldn’t be fun without them! x

  4. As I have only 2 months left in my 30’s, I have today booked flights, hotel and babysitter for a 2 night romantic getaway with my husband. I am growling at all these people who have ages until they are 40! ps I also intend on doing karaoke for the first time as I’ve never done it!

  5. I have a list of things to do BEFORE I’m
    40 so I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing one when I get there for the next decade, but what I hope to do for my 40th birthday (hope that counts!) is renew my vows in St. Lucia :)

  6. Ohhh, I’m 15 years away from that age so I’m not sure?! I do have a bucket list though, I want to visit as many places in the world as I possibly can – well the safe places anyway.

  7. I had two things I wanted to do and I’ve achieved one (Deep Sea Fishing off the coast of Australia with my Sister) now I want to work as a volunteer doing surveys of Bats and Newts.

  8. Now I am 41 I really want to see more of the world,having my children young meant I never went anywhere adventurous but I am determined to now :)

  9. I am 40 next birthday and I would like to try skiing! never had the chance but you only live once innit!

  10. Buy an around the world air ticket and travel for a year, stopping off in India to spend some time in an ashram. I have my adventure all planned for when the time eventually comes :)

  11. Skydive, always wanted to do that and as I’m already over 40 it’ll have to be a “thing to do before I die” rather than “thing to do after 40” cos that’s everything now.

  12. The ultimate thing I’ve done since turning 40 was go to my first rave. I non-stop danced for 12 hours, putting my 17 year old son to shame.
    My ultimate thing to do now I’m 40 would be visiting the rainforest in Borneo, not somewhere I’d have taken young children but now they’re old enough to be left home alone…

  13. Start a long awaited family and love n nurture them #never too old just difficult journey getting there

  14. my kids will be teenagers, so apart from embarrassing them i would like to skydrive and bungee jump

  15. Finally get the baby weight off! And I’m already doing it – only half a stone to go now!

  16. To have a break away from home without the kids…just being able to go anywhere without hearing “i need a wee”, “i’m bored”, or “can i have……”…bliss!!

  17. As I am not 40 until Thursday (eeeekkkk) I think the thing I am going to look forward to is seeing my children settle down and hopefully have babies so I can spoil them rotten.. and then give them back to their parents lol xx

  18. after 40….huummmm…. my dauhgter should be old enough for me to be able to study again to become a vet assistant

  19. The ultimate thing to do after 40 is to live life to the full, enjoying everyday whereverwhatever it be. :-D

  20. travel…now that I’m older and have no dependants to look after I aim to travel to as many places as I can :)

  21. Travel with my husband to mountainous places, such as Switzerland, Canada and Norway where we can walk and he can take stunning Inspiration Photos and we can make phot books from them

  22. Presumably it would be to enjoy time with the grandkids (should they arrive by then!) but also to be comfortable enough financially to relax would be good also.

  23. Go and travel around the world absorb the cultures, change your image completley make all your dreams come true and just be happy xx

  24. I had my child when I was 41. He is the best thing that could ever have happened and I have enjoyed every minute since!

  25. Kids will be older, so I would love to spend some quality “us” time with my hubby. Travel a bit and enjoy ourselves, that would be pure bliss x

  26. Read a book the whole way through without any interruptions whilst enjoying a glass or two of sauvignon blanc

  27. Round the world trip and then buy a decent sports car, should be old enough to insure something by then :)

  28. Remember that 40 is just a number. Live your life to the fullest, enjoy every moment and love yourself

  29. Getting pregnant at 40. Some of us women hold off on starting a family and having a child in our 40’s can be such a blessing or a miracle.

  30. Take my daughter and husband skiing, or finally take that round the world trip I always wanted to do.

  31. Go trekking up Everest! My friend has just done it and ticked it off her bucket list and said she won’t trek again but thrilled she had done it as it was the best experience of her life! Fantastic to keep yourself fit and have a sense of achievement! It’s never too late for anything!

  32. Do the things I couldn’t afford when younger, like travel and have a bit of fun like a balloon ride, tea at the Ritz etc. Bring it on!

  33. I am over 40 and I still enjoy my life to the full, my next challenge is zorbing because that loks great fun

  34. Paraglide with my husband – who is afraid of heights! I think it would be an incredible experience, and I will get him to do it!

  35. I want to stay a part of my children’s lives – there if they want me but never interfering.

  36. I am going to get married for the 2nd (and last!) time – plus my fiance is taking me on a month long tour of New Zealand :-)

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