Top 40 Things to Do After 40

40 Things to Do After 40Top 40 Things to do After your 40

I recently ran a competition that involved people telling me what their ‘Ultimate Thing to do after 40 was’.  I had nearly 300 suggestions so thought I’d compile a list of my favourite Top 40 Things to do After your 40.  I personally don’t have a bucket list as I think it would put too much pressure on me.  I plan on enjoying a few glasses of wine and for once in my life feeling comfortable in my own skin.  However, I’m now intrigued to try a few of these.

  1. Travel, travel, travel
  2. See the Northern Lights
  3. Dance on a West End stage
  4. Buy a sports car
  5. Hair balloon flight
  6. Holiday without the kids
  7. Go to Vegas and play the slots
  8. Europe in a Luxury Camper Van
  9. Bungee Jump
  10. Swim with dolphins
  11. Climb Kilimanjaro
  12. Canoeing in Canada
  13. Play with my grand children
  14. Go wing walking
  15. Have some ‘me’ time
  16. Keep the weight off
  17. Go trekking up Everest
  18. Go Zorbing
  19. Loop a light aircraft
  20. Witness a total eclipse of the sun
  21. Have a baby
  22. Write a novel
  23. Retire… a desert island
  24. Ice skating in central park
  25. Learn to play an instrument
  26. Run a marathon
  27. Go to space
  28. Learn a foreign language
  29. Buy a designer handbag
  30. White Water Rafting
  31. See The Nutcracker in New York
  32. Route 66
  33. Jump out of a plane
  34. Scuba diving off the great barrier reef
  35. Start looking after yourself
  36. Get a degree
  37. Go to my first rave
  38. To live life like I’m getting younger not older
  39. Dump everything in your life that makes you unhappy – life’s too short
  40. Enjoy life and not worry about all the things you did when you were young

What is your ultimate thing to do after you turn 40?




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3 thoughts on “Top 40 Things to Do After 40”

  1. I love this list. I’m 50 next year though so will have to write a “what to do after you’re 50” list. Never seen anyone else do one. Perhaps everyone’s given up by then (hope not!). Anyway, Item 1 will be keep breathing!

  2. Met your hubby and lovely daughter in a cafe today. Both excellent company! I was there with my 8 year old daughter trying (largely unsuccessfully as always) to be an alpha mother by taking her to visit a roman museum to research a school project.
    Your husband recommended your blog and I’ve enjoyed reading it! I would add to your list ‘get your head shaved’. I did it this year (for charity) it was incredibly liberating. You realise how you look is much much less important than you think and for surfing and body boarding it is absolutely brilliant to have no hair! My daughter was proudly showing your daughter ‘here is my bald mummy’. She did admit it made her cry when I first did it but she got over it and the following evening asked me if she could shave her head! I couldn’t really say no so the best I could manage was ‘not yet’!

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