Top 7 Things to Take on a Long Haul Flight for Kids

There is actually only a certain length of time a child is capable of sitting still. Constrain that child by putting them on a plane for 10 hours and then expect them not to complain about it, is a big ask.

What to take on a flight for kidsBeing from Canada, once a year I fly ‘home’ with my husband and our 5 year old daughter, living reasonably near to the airport helps, but we have a 250 mile drive on the other end after the 10 hour flight.   The journey usually ends up being almost 24 hours from door to door, but worth it!

We’ve done the trip 5 or 6 times now and our daughter is pretty good on the plane, but think this has to do with me taking lots for her to do.  And it was a god-send two years ago when we were on the flight and none of our on-board entertainment systems worked!  It was a very long flight!

Some airlines provide an activity pack for children on long haul flights, but we find having a few favourite toys and colouring books that our daughter has chosen, will lengthen her attention span.

My 7 top tips for flying with children are:

  1. Travel Carry On Back Pack from Content & Calm is a back pack and a Traykit in one. Handy pockets for storage and attaches to the back of most seats, folding flat with handy sides to stop objects rolling on the floor, fits with the hand baggage allowance restrictions. Light and small enough to be carried by a child.
  2. Small pack of crayons, colouring books, favourite small toy. Our daughter looks forward to buying one of those children’s magazines at the airport that is loaded with tat under the plastic cover.
  3. Ipad, tab or phone etc loaded up with games, activities and favourite programmes. Some airlines have USB points on the screens so you can charge the device. I also have a power monkey which is an emergency power supply.  And don’t forget a set of headphones as the ones on the plane never fit their tiny ears!
  4. Wet wipes, tissues and a small plastic bag, to do with spills, freshen up to cool down.
  5. A packet of playing cards.
  6. Snacks – Although food is served throughout the flight, it’s not always at the time your child may want to eat, or even want to eat what is served. Most airlines sell snacks during the flight but usually limited to sugary items. I tend to take Yu – yogurt-coated fruit pieces, bars and granola fruit pieces.
  7. Drinks – you can take liquids on a plane as long as it’s bought airside.  Have water at hand rather than calling the flight attendant during the flight.

Bon Voyage!  Is there anything else I should be taking?  Please do leave a comment below.

Disclosure:  I received the Travel Kit and some Yu Yogurt Snacks for review purposes.



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2 thoughts on “Top 7 Things to Take on a Long Haul Flight for Kids”

  1. Take a small pack in your bag of individually gift wrapped items. Nothing fancy – a matchbox car, little puzzle, sweet treat, new outfit for doll you have with you, mini lego set, little book, new toy for game system, cheapie dvd if you have a dvd player/laptop with you. You can produce a new item when things are getting boring, the gift wrapping makes it more interesting and special, and each item should provide some distraction (for at least a while).

  2. Sticker books!!! We too must make the obligatory long haul flight (but to the US, not Canada) – and next time, we’ll be doing it with four kids. We must be absolutely mad. You’re right – a good range of activities is absolutely key – but the stand out winner for us has been the sticker books. Only downside is you need quite a few – but money well spent in my humble opinion. MMx

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