5 iPad Apps for Halloween 2013

Appy Halloween

With half-term looming, Halloween around the corner and weather forecasters warning about storms coming next week, I spent a bit of time looking for a few Halloween iPad apps in case we have a few days stuck indoors.

We’ve had a really good play with some of the Halloween iPad Apps today and I can recommend the following.

iPad Apps for Halloween

Halloween iPad Apps

Carve A Pumpkin from Parents Magazine – virtually cut out pumpkins, either free hand or using their shapes, without all the mess and save the images to your camera roll.

Haunted Halloween Escape by TeraLumina – My daughter is only 6 and this was rated 9+.  I was impressed with my daughter and husband’s perseverance as I would have given up.  You have to work your way through the room, finding all the clues and collecting things that you need to solve the puzzle (e.g wooden stake to kill the vampire).  They spent an hour from start to finish trying to solve it and suceeded.  It’s inspired us to download more of these walk throughs from TeraLumina

Casper Scare School – Costume Closet by Mindshapes probably the least scariest ghost of all time.  Can you remember what Halloween Costume he was wearing? Have fun dressing him and his ghoulish friends up.

Sneak HD by Made in Me – How quietly can you sneak up on your iPad?  If you can get to the iPad, snap a photo of the monster without him hearing you, you win.  See how many monsters you can collect.  Great to play with friends as well.

Mask Jumble Halloween – using the iPad camera create hilarious photos of you and your friends.


Have A Hauntingly Happy Halloween!





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