Top 10 Things I Hate About Doing Laundry #giveaway

laundryIn no particular order……

  1. Why are washing machines in the UK downstairs?   It seems daft to me carrying dirty clothes down the stairs then back up again when they’re clean.
  2. Without a tumble dryer it’s virtually impossible to get clothes dry in the winter, every radiator in the house is covered in clothes, which makes our heating system work even harder.
  3. Airing racks really don’t add to the look I was going for in the lounge. Plus, I’m always having to hide it when I do video conference calls for work as I don’t want my colleagues to be distracted by my rather large Bridget Jones’.
  4. Forgetting to hang out the laundry and having to wash it again and again to get rid of that musty smell.
  5. Forgetting to empty pockets before putting them in the washer and end up washing a load of dark clothes a tissue or worse a tampon.
  6. Matching socks
  7. Remembering at the last minute that the shirt you’d planned to wear out that night is still in the machine and trying to dry it with a hair dryer or the iron.
  8. My families inability to lift the lid of the laundry basket and put the clothes inside it, instead of piling them on top.
  9. Hubby’s aversion to the washing machine – I’ve actually stopped washing his clothes.   He only noticed when ran out of pants and asked where they were, my response was ‘have you washed any’?
  10. and why do I have to use a separate cycle to spin the clothes???

Laundry has to be one of the most boring chores in the world.  How can I make it more fun?

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244 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I Hate About Doing Laundry #giveaway”

  1. My daughter has just started hospitality and catering at college, by the time she comes home, try as I might whatever the stains are, they wont come ou fully

  2. Bolognese… I found a really good stain remover by dylon that looked like a bingo dabber it was amazing, but I can’t find it now :(

  3. My little boy discovered his sisters black nail polish and made a nightmare stain all over his pj’s, sadly they ended up in the bin, not to mention the nightmare of the nail polish all over the window :-( Can look back now and smile though….

  4. I’m such a mucky pup, every time I cook a curry it splatters everywhere or I drop it down myself and it is such a nightmare to get out of my clothes! Jen xx

  5. Not entirely sure what it was, possibly a combination of Coke and McDonalds special sauce …. but after 2 days without noticing, it refused to budge after 2 washes and one application of Vanish. On the plus side, kinda put me off putting Coke and McDonalds into my digestive system …. :-)

  6. Not that I’m a messy eater but, I love my taco’s and some how I always seem to get a few spots of hot sauce with oil and guacamole.

  7. Various stains of unknown origin always on white!!! There is much to be said for the goth look….

  8. chinese curry sauce is horrendous, it stains everything that’s even in the same postcode!

  9. Curry.

    The worst stain my mum encountered from me as a child was tomato soup. As I loved Campbell’s Tomato and Rice soup. Luckily soap powders etc improved, thus my poor mum’s life improved. As she loved to see me enjoy my food, so would never deny me my favourite foods.

  10. My 5 year old daughter’s cuffs on her school blouse are a nightmare from leaning in stuff, I have tried everything but you can still see marks.

  11. I find Blue Poster paint a nightmare, my 6 year old comes home from school at least twice a week covered in paint, and I can never get the blue out!! even if I boil bleach on the stove!!!

  12. I adore dipping bread in olive oil and balsamic – the stains I have had to deal with courtesy of the oil!!

  13. Stains are a daily issue for me, with having a 2 year old who is always messing. Can be anything from tea to what she had for tea that day.

  14. Curry stains are a nightmare, or tomato stains, especially if they are from ready meals as they tend to be more oily than homemade sauces.

  15. i groan when my daughter comes back from school and i see they’ve been having art! i dont ever remember it being so hard to get paint out when i was a child!. but then i wouldnt have known lol my mum might say different :)

  16. Pollen from Lillies is virtually impossible to shift! These are my favourite flowers so always a problem in our house

  17. Mud just doesn’t come out – my sons football stuff is permanently stained as nothing shifts it.

  18. Foxes poo, my dog loves to roll in it and he did this with his coat on not only does it stink I’ just could not get the stain out

  19. I never expected it which probably made it worse. Crab apple juice. Was making a massive apple crumble and was washing and peeling the apples. I wore a white top and the juice just seemed to dampen it but then when it went in the wash the stain wouldn’t go. I always prepare myself against apples now.

  20. Felt tip pen when the kids white polo shirts are full of it never managed to get it out yet.

  21. When my daughter has pasta with a tomato based sauce it always stains her clothes i can never get it out!

  22. Cherry stains, we had a tree at the bottom of the garden and a child who insisted on crawling through them!

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