Persil’s ‘Cook with the Kids’ Workshop and Food Fight!

Persil Cook with Kids Promise

Peril Cooking with Kids Promise

I ,along with 88% of parents surveyed by the LMRMC, avoid baking with my daughter as it makes a mess.  I find myself stressing out as flour is flicked out of the bowl, eggs shells follow the egg in the bowl and vegetable oil being vicariously poured into the measuring jug!

I’ve been to quite a few events in my time as a blogger but have to say this one with Persil UK was one of the best.  When I read ‘Giant Food Fight’ in the email, I was all over it.  It looked like great fun and not something I would ever do in my own house.

Persil is trying to encourage more parent to chill out, stop worrying about the mess and get cooking with their kids.

Persil Cooking with Kids

The kids had an opportunity to make their own pizzas, decorate a cupcake and then the fun began.  They kitted them out in little OompaLoompa suits, goggles and then armed them with food ammunition, everything from custard to flour to bottles of squeezy ketchup.  I think these photos say it all.

‘Every Kids’ Dream!’

Before the Food Fight
Before the Food Fight
Food Fight Fun - Spaghetti
Food Fight Fun – Spaghetti
The Photographer wasn't safe
The Photographer wasn’t safe


Everyone joined in!
Everyone joined in!
Persil Food Fight

I was picking mushrooms and spaghetti out of her hair for ages and she smelled like ketchup for days, but she had such an amazing time I didn’t mind.

I promise to let the kids enjoy baking and making a mess in the kitchen

As a result of this I have pledged to stop worrying about the mess and start baking with her more.  Last night we attempted to bake some Cranberry Chocolate Muffins.  All we had to do was add egg, water and oil.  Unfortunately, the numbers have been scrubbed off my cooker so I had to guess the temperature, unfortunately, they ended up being a bit burnt but still edible.  At least I tried.

Chocolate Cranberry Muffins

You up for the promise?

You can sign up to make the promise yourself by visiting Persil Cook with Kids.  After signing up you can download a handy PDF with everything you need to get baking and making a mess with your kids.  There is also a chance to win a kid-friendly-baking kit in a weekly prize draw and a kids party worth £500.



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3 thoughts on “Persil’s ‘Cook with the Kids’ Workshop and Food Fight!”

  1. They had so much fun didn’t they. Isabelle’s hair started to smell on the train home and went all different colours, but she had fun that’s what counts. They were so lucky to get involved, such a great day x

  2. Not only kids love it!
    it’s my dream to get involved into a foodfight but i never dared!
    I would love it! :-)


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