Clever Lunchbox for Kids

Solvetta Lunch Box Review

What a clever design for a kid’s lunch box!

‘We absolutely love M’s new lunchbox!’ – dinner ladies


I was sent this Flatbox-Lunchbox from The Nicest Stuff a few weeks ago and I think it’s absolutely brilliantly clever!  As you can see, it opens out flat so you can use it as a mini picnic blanket which is great for school and days out.  It easily holds all the contents of her lunch and even her nimble six-year old fingers can cope with the zippers.

Cinch to Clean

But one of the things I like the most is the fact that it’s easy to clean.  Anyone who has tried to dig crumbs out of the creases of normal lunch boxes will know what I’m on about.  For the most part I can just open it up and give it a shake in the garden.

However, yesterday it had some yogurt on it from a rogue spoon.  I tried to give it a little wipe, which works most of the time, but this time it didn’t.  So, as it is neoprene, I just chucked it in the washing machine on a short cycle, hung it on the back of a chair and it was dry by morning which makes it much more hygienic than other lunch boxes.

Being neoprene it is also heat resistant and the dual layer keeps things cold for longer.  It also comes in a selection of colours.

Currently on sale for £19.25 down from £27.50!

Disappearing Act

My only complaints would be that there isn’t a place to put her name on it.  We have lost several lunchboxes in the past but luckily they resurfaced.  One was in the child-minders toy box.

Other than that, I highly recommend it!



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