Importance of Thank You Cards #giveaway

Why you should say ‘Thank you’

I’m a huge stickler  for Thank You Cards. It doesn’t take a lot to say thank you when someone does something nice for you and to let them know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.  And quite frankly it’s just good manners!


Who doesn’t like getting a little thank you in the post.

Easier said than done!

This is something I would like to instill in my daughter from an early age, but it can be incredibly painful trying to get an early writer to do them without a lot of coercion and frustration.  It was her birthday last week and she received some lovely presents from her friends.  So, we needed to sit down and do some Thank You Cards.

Some people feel that Thank You Cards need to be handwritten, yes I do agree to some point, but I personally don’t mind if the thank you is in the form of an email, text message or commercially produced .  As long as people say ‘thank you’.  But for the love of god please do not send e-cards, I have a personal hatred of them. nothing worse than having to click on a link and waiting ages for it to load to see a dancing cat!

As always, I did a little cheat.  Using a photo that I took at the party, I had a little post card (pack of 10 was £6.99) created using PhotoBox and added some text on the back so all she needed to do was address them.  She also added some stickers to personalise them.  Another bonus is that the children who came to the party now have a little keepsake.

Importance of Thank you Cards

Win a £40 Photobox Credit

Do you have any parties coming up and are in need of some Thank You Cards?  The lovely folk at Photobox are offering one of my readers a chance to win a £40 Credit to purchase any of their products on the site (photo canvases, phone cases, prints, books, etc).

To enter simply use the Rafflecopter form.  Full Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of the form.  However, in short it’s open to UK residents only aged 18+ and closes on the 30th September 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


This competition is listed on Loquax, Prize Finder and Competition Hunter.


Disclosure:  I received a credit from Photobox in return for running this competition.

Turning 40!

OMG!  I’m 40!  How on earth did that happen?  I remember being 19 and my mate was 25 and I thought she was ancient! I’m not panicking about being 40, I enjoy birthdays and stretch them out as long as I can, as I love the attention.  However, it’s heading towards 50 that freaks me out.

I’m happily married, even though I moan about him a lot, I have a gorgeous daughter, I’ve done loads of travelling, have great friends, supportive and slightly bonkers family and run a successful business so I really don’t have any reason to go into melt down and I’m more thankful than anything.

In fact, I’m really looking forward to my 40s.  Apparently life starts at 40 and I’ve been promised that these are going to be some of the best years of my life.  You guys better not be lying!  I have no intention of setting any wild bucket lists or lists of things to do before I’m 50.  I’m just going to sit back, have a glass of wine, enjoy being in this élite club and carry on laughing as much as I do!

Bring it on!