Importance of Thank You Cards #giveaway

Why you should say ‘Thank you’

I’m a huge stickler  for Thank You Cards. It doesn’t take a lot to say thank you when someone does something nice for you and to let them know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.  And quite frankly it’s just good manners!


Who doesn’t like getting a little thank you in the post.

Easier said than done!

This is something I would like to instill in my daughter from an early age, but it can be incredibly painful trying to get an early writer to do them without a lot of coercion and frustration.  It was her birthday last week and she received some lovely presents from her friends.  So, we needed to sit down and do some Thank You Cards.

Some people feel that Thank You Cards need to be handwritten, yes I do agree to some point, but I personally don’t mind if the thank you is in the form of an email, text message or commercially produced .  As long as people say ‘thank you’.  But for the love of god please do not send e-cards, I have a personal hatred of them. nothing worse than having to click on a link and waiting ages for it to load to see a dancing cat!

As always, I did a little cheat.  Using a photo that I took at the party, I had a little post card (pack of 10 was £6.99) created using PhotoBox and added some text on the back so all she needed to do was address them.  She also added some stickers to personalise them.  Another bonus is that the children who came to the party now have a little keepsake.

Importance of Thank you Cards

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107 thoughts on “Importance of Thank You Cards #giveaway”

  1. My children this morning as they were very good getting ready for school, I know what you mean about thanking people, my mum drummed it in me when I was a kid and I am the same with my 2 kids, its polite and makes the other person feel appreciated

  2. My consultant this morning – he looked after me well whilst I was interviewed by 5 groups of student consultants to be!

  3. The last person I thanked was my daughter – she sorted out a printer problem with the computer.

  4. my toddler son – for giving me another little present – this time it was a dry leaf he picked up on his walk…

  5. Nurse at hospital, for Caring for my relative whilst on her ward. What delighted me most was that the nurse took account of disability :- deaf. As she faced relative, speaking clearly and concisely. Allowing for skill of lip reading to be used.

  6. I thanked a lady at Aldi this morning for letting me go in front of her in the queue as I only had some juice for my boys pack up and she had a trolley full of shopping.

  7. Great bog, made me smile! I too am a stickler for thanking people- I am proud that this has been instilled in my boys. Aged 13 and 10 they appear to be the only ones that go to their football coach at the end of each session and Thank them! #proudmum

  8. I guess it must be the guy at the local takeaway, even though he was a bit mean with the salad! It’s strange how for some people (like me and you) it’s just automatic to say thank you, please etc and to others it’s automatic to just not bother!

  9. I just thanked my friend for getting me a glass of wine whilst I was entering this competition

  10. My lovely hubby for just being lovey – that and he picked some flowers from the garden and put them in a vase to cheer me up x

  11. A friend called Carol, as she gave my son a collection of Thomas the Tank Engine books x

  12. My hubby for taking our 2 sons out to rugby this afternoon so I can crack on with some baking!

  13. I have just said thank you to my son for putting the washing up dishes away when he was in the middle of a game of Fifa 14 :-)

  14. The lovely young man who handed in my purse that I lost wow there’s still some good people about xx

  15. The polite girl serving on the checkout at Tesco, she packed my shopping for me and was just really helpful!

  16. I thanked my husband for being so patient, i’m pregnant and completely hormonal at the moment so he has a lot to contend with!!!

  17. My mum for helping me out whilst I had to have 3 weeks off to take my wisdom teeth out! She helped me around the house!

  18. The last person I thanked was my husband for looking after me a couple of weeks ago when I had the flu, I felt very spoiled!

  19. I thanked my daughter for going to the car and getting the picnic blanket out so I could put it in the garden for the kids to sit on whilst they played with their dolls :)

  20. My partner as hes a great loving father to our children and a amazing partner to me

  21. An elderly couple who had us and our 3 children for lunch. It was such a lovely day and they went out of their way to find toys for the boys to play with.

  22. I thanked my lucky stars I am not the man in the street whom I bought The Big Issue from.

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