Come on! Give us some credit!

Photo Credit

I’m not very good at ‘playing with my daughter’.  I’m the kind of parent that shows her how something works and then expect her to get on with it, which is bad I know, I’m just not a natural.  On the other hand after a couple of glasses of wine I’m an absolute hoot and will roll around on the floor doing my best Armadillo impression.

So, when I was at my neighbours the other day and spotted a book of ideas of how to keep a toddler busy, I couldn’t help but nose through it.  But, to be honest, it wound me up more than anything.  Here is exhibit ‘A’:

The Colour Game

Give your child various directions by colour (for example, “put the red bear on the table”, “pick up the blue car”, and “bring me the yellow book”)

FFS, how stupid do they think we are and if you think this is rocket science then I seriously question whether you should procreate???