Bath Toys

I was contacted by the people at Boon, I’ve bought a load of crap for Madame but one of the best things I ever bought for Madame was the Frog Bath Toy Scoop, we use it everyday, so I was happy to do a review for them.   They sent me four Odd Ducks and some Water Bugs.

I’m really lost for words, what can you say about rubber ducks, they’re really cool, colourful, PVC Free and they float???  Madame loves them.  Errrrm? Oh they don’t have holes so they don’t fill with water and start to grow that horrible black mold.

And me being me, the first thing I did with the Water Bugs was fill up the kitchen sink to see if they float and I can happily report they do.  It’s so nice to have some new bath toys as we were getting bored of ours.  I think the Odd Ducks would make great gifts.

So, I thought I’d take you down memory lane.  How many of you watched this as a kid?  I did.  Take a minute to watch and smile.