Egg-cellent! Heart Shaped Eggs!

One of my Aunts emailed me a list of ‘25 Clever Things’. She knows I’m not a Suzy Homemaker but there were a couple of good ones on there and this one grabbed my attention.

I think they’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day breakfast for your little ones and they were very easy to make.


You will need:

1 Hard boiled egg
A chopstick
2 rubber bands
Piece of card

Here’s what we did:

1) The original instructions called for a milk carton, but here in the UK I haven’t seen any as our milk tends to come in plastic jugs. I used a piece of card (approx 8x20cm), more specifically, the front cover of an estate-agents folder. I chose this as it had a coating so the egg didn’t stick t to it.

2) Fold the card in half. You may have to trim it a bit later. See picture.

3) Peel the egg when it is still warm and place it in the card. The gently press the chopstick into it, not too hard, as I did and damaged the egg a bit. Then secure each end with a rubber band.

4) Then place in the fridge for 10-15 min.

5) Remove the package and but the egg in half perpendicular to the chopstick dent.

Swans Mate for Life

Photo Credit

Hubby has just returned from his nightly visit to the hospital.  This has been going on for 7 weeks.  As most of you are aware his 87 year old father is terminally ill with cancer.  It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind and we had to relocate them locally.  My husband is an only child and we don’t have a lot of family around to help.  He is now in a palliative care ward within 10 minutes of our house and we secured a flat for his mother.  It’s all been a bit too much for her as she was yanked suddenly from her home after 40 years. Nevertheless, we thought she had settled.

Shortly after we got her established in the flat she too took ill and was admitted to a different hospital in a different town.  Her condition is not life threatening.

They’ve been married for 53 years so we were desperate to get them together, for his final days.  It was a bit of a battle as the doctors at her hospital refused to transfer treatment, even though father in laws hospital was willing and able to take her.  In the end, it was the Great Escape.  I arranged to take her for 2 hours to visit her husband under the promise that I would bring her back but I never did.  Luckily, we have a stroppy doctor who isn’t interested in stroking other doctor’s egos.  She gave them a right ear-bending and the transfer was done within an hour.

They’re now in rooms across the hall from each other.  Everyday they wheel her into her hubby’s room where they sit and hold hands.

The weird thing is, and there is no medical reason for it but she is deteriorating quickly.  I must preface that she is getting excellent care but seems to have lost the will to live.  She’s given up eating and drinking and won’t get out of bed for the most part.  We have no idea why or what we can do.  I’ve heard of people dying from a broken heart……..

I’ve answered my own question….

my mother in law passed away on Sunday the 27th of June at 6.15pm

and FIL passed away at 11 am on the 28th of June, within 18 hours of each other.  It was like he was waiting for her….bitterly sweet!