How many Mummy Bloggers can you fit in an electric car?

Not one, not 2, not 3 but a whopping…………

Pictured from top left: @mediocre_mum, @annieqpr, @beingmrsc, @zooarchaeologis, @MuddlingAlong, @gardenhelpers, @actuallymummy, @themummysphere,  @veggiexperience, @cbolam, @cocoonphoto and of course @daddacool (all 6 ‘5 of him)

It was a lot easier than we thought, Hannah (boss lady) had been working out logistics in a bar earlier in the week and with a push and a bit of lycra we could have got a few more in.  We had 3 in the back and 9 up front!

As you can see we had a right laugh doing it, but there was a reason we were doing it.  We’re trying to help our good mate and local blogger Alex, AKA Daddacool win an Electric Nissan Leaf Car. We think he deserves your vote.  Do you?  It only takes two clicks.  Click here to vote. Now off you go and thanking you in advance.

If you’re on twitter please use #nissanleafcar21 as this counts for extra votes.

And if you need more convincing check out his hilarious youtube video of the event.

Mummy Bloggers Making a Difference!

I have to admit that this post is motivated by the ‘green-eyed monster’ I’m soooo envious that 3 of UK top mummy bloggers get to travel to Bangladesh in September and really make a difference.  This is my little way of trying to help.  Who said the mummy blogging world is bitchy!

Every year almost 9 million children under the age of five die, most of them from preventable things like diarrhoea.  Click here to read more and to add a badge to your own blog in support!  It’s the least you can do!


And make sure you follow these 3 inspirational ladies.




Ladies, I’m confident you’ve secured a place in heaven!

Ridiculous Mummy Purchases…

One of my neighbours is going to pop soon.  I’ve offered her a load of Madame’s old stuff from car seats, Bumbos, baby swings, etc as my loft is bulging with baby stuff but she hasn’t taken me up on the offer but I totally understand why.  When Madame was born I, too, bought everything new and in retrospect I wouldn’t do it again, I’d buy more second hand things.

It made me think about some of the things that I purchased and the most ridiculous item had to be the Explore Garden Gym.  It was basically a Lazy Susan for babies; it was supposed to encourage her to spend more time on her front.  As a new mum, I unnecessarily worried about such things and being a sucker for gadgets it seemed perfect.  The woman in the shop even assured me that it wasn’t gimmicky!  Silly me!  I think we only ever tried it a couple of times and with most things in time she naturally started to spend time on her front.  Doh!

It’s still in my loft if anyone wants it??? I won’t be putting it on e-bay, as I couldn’t with a good conscience take anyone’s money for it.

What was the most ridiculous thing that you purchased?