Trampoline for a Small Garden

8 ft Plum Trampoline by Asda

I don’t know what possessed me to agree to an 8ft Trampoline from Asda.  Our garden is tiny, at most measuring approximately 20 x 30 feet.  The look on my husband’s face when the trampoline arrived said it all really as I hadn’t told him it was coming.  It took a bit of persuading to get him to help put it together as he wasn’t convinced.

However, with Summer looming and no prospect of a big trip this year, I really need stuff to entertain her and she’s always wanted one.  Our garden isn’t that enticing and she rarely plays out there.  We did try a small Wendy House but she has outgrown that now.


It really wasn’t that difficult to put together.  It came in two boxes, with all the pieces, including a tool to stretch the springs and a set of instructions.  Like with any instructions for self-assembly, they could have been a bit clearer but we managed.

I’d read a lot of the reviews beforehand and was prepared for it to take about 3 hours.  It took us about 2.5 hours and very few domestics.  We did have to improvise on a few occasions as a few of the punched holes didn’t line up but nothing a hammer wouldn’t sort.  We did end up with 6 random plastic disks left over, but they don’t seem to be an integral part.


Trampolines for Small Gardens

I opted for the 8 foot design so it wouldn’t dominate the garden, but if I’m honest it does a bit, but we still have enough space to shift it around so the grass underneath survives.  I love the fishbowl design of the netting as it gives kids more space, on a smaller trampoline, to wave their arms about.  It’s low enough to the ground so you don’t really need a ladder.  The black looks more stylish/contemporary than the usual green or pink ones.  But most of all the springs are on the outside of the netting so no danger of trapped fingers or toes.  A few reviews mentioned issues with the zipper but we haven’t experience that yet.


According to the literature, it’s designed for one child up to a maximum weight of 50kg.  But as you can see, which I wouldn’t recommend, my husband had a bit of a play on it as well.  As a parent, I’d be happy for her and one other 7 year old child to play on it.

Value for money

The 8 Ft Plum Trampoline comes in at just under £200, you can get cheaper 8 ft trampolines, but I’d rather spend a bit more for the safety features and quality.  It’s a bit heavier which means it’s not going to blow away the next time the wind kicks up but still light enough to move around the garden.

Our Verdict

It’s one of the best things we have done, we have had to sacrifice a part of our garden, but our daughter is hysterical with happiness.

She spent most of the weekend on it and we had to drag her off it this morning before school.  She can’t wait to have a friend over to play soon.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Houses

Desperate for more space?

I don’t know what came over me.  Just after New Year, I don’t know if it’s guilt over the excess at Christmas or the New Year New beginnings thing, but I found myself doing some uncharacteristic cleaning and apparently I’m not alone.  I asked around and quite a few friends found themselves doing this as well.

I started by tidying my basket of cables, it was like spaghetti junction, simply using cable ties.  I can never make myself throw out cables as you never know when you may need one.

How to store cables

Then with a bad back, I clambered under the stairs and gave it a good clean and created some useful storage space for wrapping paper.  Personally I think it’s genius.

How to store wrapping paper

Like everyone else, under my sink, was something nightmares were made of.  I wish I took a before picture.  I found these fab shelves that fit around pipes.  I still need a few more basket to store the towels but it’s a start.

Under Sink Storage

And finally, I doubled the space in my cupboard using this simple rack.

Ideas for storing tins

My next mission is my bedroom.  I’m on the hunt for clever ways to store scarves and necklaces.  Suggestions?

My First Jelly

I went to my first Jelly today.  Before you ask it’s an informal work environment where people get together in a communal area to work, coffee shop, restaurant or pub; you bring your laptop, free wifi and connect with like minded people.  In this case it was all women, but wasn’t intended to be inclusive, as it was all in aid of International Woman’s Day with proceeds going to Oxfam.

We were aiming to raise £230 which will provide a loan for a woman in Vietnam to start a business and change her life and the life of her family.

We fell slightly short of the target but feel free to top it up with a fiver.

As a busy mum, I showed up late as I had to do gymnastics first, for a 4 year old and then leave hubby with a head injury to drive home.  But when I walked in it was a welcoming feeling, many familiar faces.

One of the nicest things was that people had been following our recent plight and genuinely asked about hubby. Social media really is sociable.   I had to go through the usual, introducing myself as Mediocre Mum, people guffawing ‘your Mediocre Mum’ my face goes red on cue!  Someone actually said I can tell when you’ve had more than two.  Ooops!

It really was great but if I’m honest, I didn’t get a stitch of work done, unless networking count, I just nattered.  For the most part, as an IT trainer, I work on my own so when I get a chance to talk to people I get a bit carried away.  Mind you there were two people who were hammering away on the keyboards.  True multi-taskers and my hat goes off to them!  Thanks to @morethanshoes for arranging and please can we do it again soon!   St Albans if full of amazing people!

And you’d think with minimum of 2 professional photographers I would have got a decent shot!  Sorry blame the iphone!